26 Incredible Tattoos Inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender

Some TV shows find people at just the right moment in their lives. Avatar: the Last Airbender is one of those shows - it has undoubtedly had a profound effect on multiple generations. It's one of those rare shows that both children and adults can enjoy and learn from. Many adults that love Avatar have decided to show their appreciation for the show by getting awesome tattoos. It's no surprise that many people have chosen to get an Avatar: The Last Airbender tattoo in order to show their dedication.

What's the best Avatar tattoo to get? You want to choose a design that will either subtly or blatantly reflect the show itself - such as a gathering of the elemental symbols, a White Lotus, or one of your favorite characters. Perhaps you want other Avatar fans to be able to recognize your tat from across the room, or maybe you want to keep your tattoo's true meaning to yourself. 

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