Total Nerd The Cast Of The Avengers In Their Earliest Roles Looks Totally Different  

Mick Jacobs

With nearly a decade of films under its belt, the Marvel Cinematic Universe produced a cast of actors who can't quite escape their association with the world of The Hulk, Captain America, and X-Men. But the video below shows you what your beloved Avengers looked like in their very first roles.

For example, Chris Evans, who catapulted to superstar status with Captain America: The First Avenger, actually debuted on screen 20 years ago, looking much different from the chiseled defender of Earth 616.

Perhaps you want to dip into the '80s, when Josh Brolin and Mark Ruffalo appear as teenagers without a clue they'll have to defend the world from Thanos in the next thirty years. Veteran Samuel Jackson gets the throwback of a lifetime, debuting in his first film 40 years ago

Watch the video below to see how your favorite actors looked before they gained their powers. Who do you think changed the most since their first role?