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Huge Plot Holes In 'Avengers: Endgame'

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Few could have imagined that 11 years and 22 movies after the first Iron Man was released, we’d get a movie as sprawling and epic as Avengers: Endgame. It’s a perfect conclusion to the MCU's Infinity Saga and equal parts poignant and thrilling. Plenty of fans spent the opening weekend crying and cheering, proving they were more than moved enough to overlook the many Avengers: Endgame plot holes.

For all its strengths, Endgame is a time travel movie at its core. Avengers: Endgame plot holes crop up at nearly every turn because - spoiler alert - time travel isn’t really possible. Even if it was, it would be way more complex than could be conveyed in a single blockbuster. Even in a movie with a three-hour runtime, Avengers: Endgame inconsistencies still abound.

You probably missed a few gaps in logic while marveling at the massive action sequences, but we’ve got you covered. There will be spoilers ahead, but it’s only because we are so committed to doing “whatever it takes” to reveal these plot holes.

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    Did People Really Just Put A Van In Storage With A Machine That Looks Like A Nuclear Device In It?

    When Ant-Man returns from five years stuck in the Quantum Realm, he returns to van that has the Quantum Tunnel stored inside it. Of course, in the intervening time, the van has been moved to a storage facility in San Francisco.

    But who the heck would impound a van with a massive machine in the backseat that looks like a straight-up nuclear device? It's fenced in a section with a sign that says "Lang," so either Cassie vouched for it or the authorities who impounded it knew it belonged to the known superhero Ant-Man. Somebody must have looked in the back, seen the weird machine, and at a bare minimum tried to strip the thing for parts. Maybe they could have notified the Avengers? You don’t just send a huge, glowing, unknown machine to a storage locker somewhere and just hope for the best.

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    Is Black Widow's Demise Really A Sacrifice?

    We learn in Avengers: Infinity War that the only way to acquire the Soul Stone is to sacrifice "that which you love," meaning "a soul for a soul." For Thanos, that means sacrificing Gamora, presumably the one person he loves the most. Later, when talking to young Gamora, he says he's sacrificed "everything."

    Jump ahead to Endgame, when Black Widow and Hawkeye have to get the Soul Stone. They're told again there must be a sacrifice. But the thing is, it feels like a bit of a stretch that sacrificing either of them would be a huge loss to the other. They're best friends, but Black Widow has affection for a lot of people, including an obvious connection with Bruce Banner. Hawkeye has an entire family that we assume rank ahead of Black Widow in his heart - though, with them gone, maybe Natasha really is number one. 

    Beyond that, it's quite a stretch to say Hawkeye "sacrifices" Black Widow. She tricks him and sacrifices herself, which doesn't feel like how the Stone works. It's a bit less impactful if somebody is willing to perish, rather than somebody being forced to choose to sacrifice someone. After all, Red Skull explains in Infinity War that "to ensure that whoever possesses it understands its power, the stone demands a sacrifice." If anything, Black Widow should have gotten the Soul Stone because she was willing to sacrifice herself.

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    Shouldn't Our World Now Be Overrun With Darkness?

    When Bruce Banner attempts to convince the Ancient One to give up the Time Stone, she tells him that if they lose the Time Stone, Earth - and maybe all of existence - is basically screwed. She says if he takes the stone, it'll create a new reality and "in this new branch reality... our world will be overrun, millions would suffer." Bruce assures her that it's fine, and they'll bring the Time Stone right back, thereby preventing an alternate reality.

    And that's all well and good, but by the end of Endgame, Thanos (presumably) still wipes out all the Infinity Stones - including the Time Stone. This means that, at least according to the Ancient One, the future is doomed without the Time Stone. Just because it took an extra nine years for the Stone to be removed from reality doesn't suddenly mean there are no more forces of darkness.

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    Why Did They Jump To 1970 For Pym Particles?

    After losing the Space Stone in 2012, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark decide to travel back in time to a point when there’s both more Pym Particles (so they can jump through time again) and a less guarded Space Stone. To that end, they jump back to 1970.

    But why would they need to go that far back? Pym Particles presumably exist from 1970 until Thanos’s snap in 2018. Pym’s alive that whole time, and surely he’s got particles with him in storage. There's no time constraint to worry about since they already plan on jumping back to the moment in 2023 when all three teams leave. In fact, it’d probably be easiest to just jump back a few hours in 2012 to grab the briefcase again before Loki can get it and then go to San Francisco to ask Hank Pym for some help.

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