Fan Theories About The Original Avengers That Prove They're Still The Best Squad

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With over twenty films, countless interesting characters, and so much source material to pull from, it's no question as to why the MCU is one of the biggest superhero franchises in history. One of fandoms' favorite things to do is come up with fan theories, and when it comes to the MCU there are certainly a lot of them. From questions unanswered to character quirks, we managed to round up some of the most interesting fan theories surrounding the superhero teamup that started it all - The Avengers. 

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    The Original Avengers Represent The Infinity Stones

    From Redditor u/RandomExcessMemory:

    • Tony/Iron-Man: Mind - arguably the smartest Avenger, also figured out how to use the mind stone.
    • Thor: Space - he comes from a different/far away place, travels through the Bifrost which acts similarly to the space stone.
    • Hulk: Power - “Hulk like raging fire”
    • Cap: Time - he has lived in and experienced different eras, essentially traveling through time. He rues the time he has lost, and he experienced Peggy’s life as being fast-forwarded.
    • Natasha/Black Widow: Reality - this one is the toughest argument to make, but I think her experience with the Red Room has made her consider what could have been (other realities). Also, her tendency to see both sides/switch sides (like in Civil War) demonstrates her ability to consider the complexity of reality.
    • Clint/Hawkeye: Soul - heart and soul of the team, often has to sacrifice loved ones (figuratively, by leaving his family) to do what he believes in.
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    Nebula Suggested Natasha And Clint For The Soul Stone Because She Knew They Cared For Each Other

    Nebula Suggested Natasha And Clint For The Soul Stone Because She Knew They Cared For Each Other
    Photo: Avengers: Endgame / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    From Redditor u/MrMortsnarg:

    How big of a coincidence it was that Clint and Natasha were the two people to get the Soul Stone. The Soul Stone requires someone to sacrifice the one they love most, in this case Clint reluctantly sacrificing Natasha. I wouldn't call those two going there a coincidence. Nebula was the only remaining Avenger that knew how to get the Soul Stone. In the 5 year gap, we see that her and Rocket were in regular contact with Natasha; while Natasha was still trying to find Clint. My theory, which admittedly isn't very groundbreaking, is that Nebula suggested that Clint and Natasha fetch the Soul Stone, since she witnessed how close they were. They are two of the perfect candidates to retrieve it.

    Lots of people have brought up that Nebula didn't know how to retrieve the Soul Stone. This is admittedly an assumption on my part that she did. In my defense though, she processes Gamora's death as "He took her to Vormir. He came back with the Soul Stone. She didn't." I read that line as Nebula realizing the sacrifice that had to be made. Tony heard it too. "Whatever it takes"

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    Hulk Only Helps Banner When His Friends Are In Danger

    From Redditor u/smacksaw:

    Hulk wants friendship. It's that easy. Watch Ragnarok. All they talk about is "Thor not Hulk friend". Waititi makes is perfectly clear: Valkyrie comes. They are friends. It's obvious. He helps her. He clears the air with Thor. They establish a friendship between Thor and Hulk, not just Thor and Banner. Hulk runs after Thor. "Friend!" he exclaims. Because he's lonely. Because no one likes or respects him for who he is. Banner treats him like a trained animal. Hulk liked being a gladiator. He got recognition for who and what he is. Which, at it's core is all anyone wants. There's nothing complicated going on. Ragnarok makes it clear over and over again that Hulk's primary motivation is validation from others, most importantly through friendship. Hulk came out on the Bifrost because Hulk's friends were in trouble. Not because Banner called him. In fact, Hulk was content to let Banner die. He waited. He didn't do it for Banner. He did it for Valkyrie and Thor. This ain't rocket surgery, folks. Banner will be friends with his inner Hulk.

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    The Reason Captain America Is Able To Wield Mjolnir Now Is Because He Is Worthy

    The Reason Captain America Is Able To Wield Mjolnir Now Is Because He Is Worthy
    Photo: Avengers: Endgame / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    From Redditor u/MDuncan1182:

    The reason Captain America is able to wield Mjolnir now is because he is worthy. This seems like a duh but it's not so simple. In Age of Ultron we see that he is able to move the hammer because for a moment the hammer senses all the good that Cap is but then it notices his one fault... Later in the movie Scarlett Witch gives all of the Avengers nightmares and they see their worst fears realised. Cap's worst fear is that there will be no more fight. No more war. THIS is the exact reason Odin took Mjolnir from Thor and placed the spell on it. "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor." Remember that Thor had a strong desire for combat regardless of the consequences. He was unable to see how to resolve conflicts without violence. This seemingly makes someone unworthy.

    Now back to Cap in Endgame. He has never felt such defeat like this ever before in his life. But rather than punching away and breaking 30 punching bags a day(Avengers 2012) he is counseling people through their loss. Then in the elevator he easily could have taken all those guys down(we have seen it before Winter Solider 2014) but this time he realizes he doesn't need to fight when he can trick them and no one gets hurt. He obviously had no choice but to fight thanos when he was right there in front of them but he did not want to "punch his way out of this one"-Black Widow(Civil War 2016)... he just wanted to bring back everyone they lost.

    Now to the end... just like Tony. Cap is ready to rest. He is ready to live a normal life and just be happy. He isn't Captain America anymore. He hasn't been since the Snap. He has just been Steve Rogers. Trying to do what's right and go back home. This makes him worthy.

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    Scarlet Witch's Visions From 'Age Of Ultron' Are From The Avenger's Own Minds

    Scarlet Witch's Visions From 'Age Of Ultron' Are From The Avenger's Own Minds
    Photo: Avengers: Age of Ultron / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    From Redditor u/Middle-Man-Mindset:

    TL;DR The visions are straight from the avengers own minds made from whatever would cause them to be the most emotional and vulnerable.

    First we know that Scarlett Witch didnt articulate what each vision was gonna be. When she messed with Tony’s mind and saw the vision of everyone dying, she looked genuinely surprised. This means that the visions are coming from another source. There's an argument that can be made that it was the stone and its magic that gave everyone their visions. Well LITERALLY Wanda’s powers come from the stone but what if the power of the stone conciously gave everyone a specific dream in order to manipulate them into creating Ultron and/or Vision? Im not as confident about this though. What is more likely is that what Wanda did was allowed everyone’s mind to create a scenario that would cause them to become emotional and vulnerable. It was meant to trigger thoughts/fears from their heads that they werent willing to acknowledge or were trying to forget. Things that each person still hadnt fully overcome.

    • Thor - he is constantly worried that Asgard will fall without his protection
    • Cap - never truly got any closure with any of his friends or with the war
    • Natasha - she had never gotten over the horrors that she experienced in her childhood and had pushed those memories to the back of her mind
    • Tony - constantly worried that the chitari return because sending the nuke through the portal had emotionally traumatized him and he knows he couldn’t do it a second time
    • Banner - its simple. Banner hates Hulk. Not only that but I think Hulks vision is that hes constantly being attacked. Hulk doesnt just go up to anything to fight it. You even see when he goes into the city that when he seeing people scared and fleeing, he falls out of the trance for a second and calms down because he doesnt want to hurt innocent lives, but the second he sees the guns pointed at him, he goes straight back to full rage.
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    The Avengers Make Their Money Off Trademarks

    The Avengers Make Their Money Off Trademarks
    Photo: Avengers: Age of Ultron / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    From Redditor u/iamre:

    Have you ever wondered how the Avengers have enough money to do what they do? Tony Stark is a billionaire who funds them but I find it hard to believe he still has enough money considering how he just suddenly removed the core of his business. In real life many companies who would do something similar would probably go bankrupt. Even after all these years we never see what direction Stark Industries pivots to.

    Think about it: all those Iron Man suits must cost Tony hundreds of billions/millions, plus his lavish lifestyle, plus all Avengers tower, bases, planes, equipment, etc… must cost a ton of money. So where is all this money coming from now that he is no longer a weapons dealer?

    Toys… In Agents of Shield episode 1 we see Avengers toys being sold in stores. In Iron Man 2 we see Justin Hammer with an Iron Man toy.

    In Age of Ultron you see Avengers even have a logo and everything. Tony Stark owns the rights to the Avengers, their trademarks, copyrights, likeliness, etc… Look at how much Disney has made with the MCU… So my theory is that in universe all those toys and merchandise make Stark Industries enough money to continue and thus Tony is able to continue funding the Avengers.

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