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Believable Avengers: Infinity War Fan Theories That Might Just Spoil The Movie

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Avengers: Infinity War fan theories have been running rampant since the official trailer dropped at the end of November 2017. With dozens of characters and storylines merging into one epic film, there's no shortage of speculation material. The number one question on everyone's mind is likely who is going to die in Avengers: Infinity War - a brawl this big is going to produce casualties, and fans are already panicking their faves might bite the dust.

Of course, the fan theories about the new Avengers movies aren't limited solely to character deaths. In fact, there’s so many theories for Avengers 3 that there’s a good chance at least one of them is unintentionally spoiling the plot of the film. That being said, most fans still can’t help themselves from digging into the speculation, and even a little spoiling isn’t going to do anything to derail the awesomeness that will be Avengers: Infinity War.

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    Ultron Was Setting The Table For Thanos’s Arrival

    The motivations of Ultron in the second Avengers film are somewhat ambiguous, which has lead to tons of fan speculation on the subject. Redditor/u/Avenged7fo believes Ultron’s goals were not to destroy Earth, but to sow dissent in the ranks of its heroes as part of the preparation for Thanos’s impending invasion. There is a clear connection between Thanos and Ultron, as Ultron is created with the Mind Stone which Thanos previously lent to Loki. Others speculate Ultron’s goal was to strengthen the Avengers in an altruistic endeavor aimed at protecting the world against Thanos.

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    Everyone Will Die At The Hand Of Thanos

    One of the most renowned comic book events of all time is Infinity Gauntlet, and some parts of that story will undoubtedly serve as inspiration for Infinity War. Near the beginning of the series, Thanos wipes out half of existence with a snap of his fingers and then proceeds to beat the remaining heroes of the universe to death with relative ease. It’s a grim picture, and it’s one Redditor/u/magidmarvel thinks may be replicated on the big screen. The horrific events of Infinity Gauntlet are eventually reversed by the Gauntlet itself, so this would give Marvel Studios the opportunity to brutally kill off their heroes AND bring them back at the end with a plot device that already exists within their universe.

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    Loki Will Betray Thanos And Pay For It With His Life

    The internet-shattering trailer for Infinity War sure made it look like Loki was betraying his brother Thor once again with a scene that looked like Loki handing the Tesseract over to Team Thanos. However, as with all things involving Loki, this is probably not to be trusted. Many have predicted that Loki will eventually betray Thanos and sacrifice himself for his brother, but Redditor/u/Murteza_King thinks they’ve nailed down the specific circumstances. According to their theory, Loki will pretend to hand the Tesseract over but will then turn and use it to transport the Hulk to the Sanctum Sanctorum on Earth. Murteza_King goes on to predict Loki will pay the ultimate price for giving the heroes of Earth a fighting chance.

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    Spider-Man Will Get His Symbiote During Infinity War

    A previous Spider-Man trilogy attempted to adapt the “Symbiote Saga” from the comics, and the results were lackluster, to put it politely. However, it’s almost inevitable that Tom Holland’s version of Spidey will eventually get an alien suit all his own, and Redditor/u/Ms_Ellie_Jelly thinks the moment will come in Infinity War. In most adaptations, the Symbiote comes to Earth and finds Spider-Man, but in the comics, Spider-Man finds it in space during the events of Secret Wars. From what was shown in the trailer, it appears Spidey is heading to another planet with Iron Man to take on Thanos, which would be the perfect opportunity to encounter his venomous friend.

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