'Avengers: Infinity War' Should Have Been Three Different Movies
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'Avengers: Infinity War' Should Have Been Three Different Movies

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Is anyone else still fatigued from Avengers: Infinity War? The nearly three-hour-long film follows more than two dozen heroes as they try (and fail) to stop Thanos from wiping out half of the universe. The movie is equal parts exciting, devastating, and frustrating, and there is way too much happening. It isn't bad, but Avengers: Infinity War is overstuffed. There are too many events overshadowing all the important emotional beats. And how do you fix a movie that drops itself on you like a stack of bricks? Easy: you break it up into multiple films.

Between its casts of characters, tons of Easter eggs, and lightning-quick action, it's easy to point to why Avengers: Infinity War should have been a trilogy. Marvel audiences are used to multiple films telling one story over the course of a few years, so a three-part Infinity War saga could have worked. But instead, the filmmakers just squished everything into one long spectacle.

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    Hulk Doesn't Have A Big Enough Role

    Bruce Banner gets the short end of the stick. Mark Ruffalo is great in Infinity War, but his character spends much of the movie providing exposition to a group of characters before being whisked away to a new location so he can once again provide exposition. He has to explain Thanos over and over.

    Some believe Banner is Loki in disguise. Why not focus on this or the fact Banner can't transform into the Hulk?

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    The World Needs A Tony Stark And Doctor Strange Movie

    When Tony Stark steps into the Sanctum Sanctorum, a major first occurred in the MCU. Until that point the more grounded Marvel characters hadn't really interacted with the magical or cosmic characters, other than Thor and Loki. Stark and Dr. Strange have a fun dynamic in Infinity War, though. Their personalities are similar.  

    If the tech billionaire and the master of magic had to learn to work together throughout an entire film, there could have been more laughs. 

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    Infinity War Could Be Its Own Trilogy

    It feels strange that the entirety of Infinity War is split into two movies when there's so much story. An incredible amount happens in just under three hours, and it's hard to keep everything straight. The sprawl of the film begs for a series of smaller movies to help the audience cope.

    The filmmakers could introduce the characters in the first film, carry out Thanos's plan in the second movie, and take the audience home with the third installment.

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    The Guardians Of The Galaxy Deserve Their Own Film With Thanos

    The Guardians of the Galaxy and Thanos have a weird relationship to say the least. They've fought each other, they've worked together, and they've fought while working together. Their history could be mined for years of stories. 

    These two factions get a good amount of screen time in Infinity War, but Marvel could have enriched the storyline by giving Star-Lord and his crew an entire film to deal with the mad god. 

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    Thanos Needs His Own Movie

    Thanos is one of the most interesting characters in Infinity War. He has a fully developed arc, but before the movie, audiences only see him in post-credit sequences. Thanos is a compelling figure with complex emotions, so why doesn't he have an origin story? The mad god isn't one of those villains who work simply because they're so oblique – he needs more screen time. 

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    The Stakes Would Feel More Intense If They Were Adequately Spaced Out

    By the end of Infinity War, half of the universe is departed, Vision and Wanda's love story is over, and Gamora is dead by her surrogate father's hand. Unfortunately, the emotional weight of these plot points is lessened by the sheer amount of things happening. If there were more movies to really ratchet up the tension, the major moments could have been more fully developed. 

    For instance, it makes sense when Star-Lord loses it and lashes out at Thanos, dooming the universe. He's been in love with Gamora for years, and the biggest villain in the galaxy just killed her. Star-Lord's decision isn't wise, but it makes sense within his story arc. If the rest of the plot points had been teased out in a similar way, Infinity War could have been more impactful.

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