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Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About 'Avengers: Infinity War'

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Avengers: Infinity War is a massive film, and while it was slightly overshadowed by its sequel, there's no denying the movie was important for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It established Thanos as the villain in the MCU, and it explains his motives in a way that makes sense... from a certain point of view. On top of that, it was one of the biggest movies ever made, featuring dozens of superheroes all working together to stop the Mad Titan from achieving his plan.

Making the movie was no easy task, and there are a lot of interesting Easter eggs and facts about the film most people probably don't know about. While there was certainly a great deal of lead-up to making the movie happen, and fans already know a lot about it, it's impossible to know everything. There are probably things you didn't know about Avengers: Infinity War despite being a voracious fan.

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    Thanos Doesn't Use The Power Stone In His Fight With The Hulk

    At the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos goes toe-to-toe with the Hulk, and he beats the ever-loving snot out of him. Many viewers assumed Thanos could only defeat the Avenger because he had previously secured the Power Stone, which is attached to his Infinity Gauntlet. As it happens, he doesn't use it once during that time; if you go back and look, you can see he doesn't ignite it or make it glow. That means Thanos kicks the Hulk's butt all on his own.

    According to screenwriter Christopher Markus, "This is to show that Thanos, the Genghis Khan of the universe, is unbeatable in a one-on-one battle. He's conquered thousands of worlds. He's a much more polished fighter than the Hulk, and Thor, and Loki."

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    Loki's Demise Is In The Beginning Of The Film For A Good Reason

    When Avengers: Infinity War kicks off, it begins with the destruction of the Asgardian ship and the demise of Loki. The scene is shocking and difficult for many fans to watch, as Loki has gone through a great deal of character development, from being a nasty villain to an unlikely hero. His selfless attempt to slay Thanos is the climax of his character development, but it is met with his neck being broken. The shocking demise comes within the first 10 minutes of the film, and the directors did that for a good reason, as Joe Russo explained:

    Part of what we wanted to do out of the gate was to unsettle you as you're watching the film. You're sitting in the theater thinking most characters in the Marvel Universe have been safe for a decade. And we wanted to knock you off-kilter and make the audience understand that the stakes were going to be significant and the cost was going to be very high in the movie.

    Loki's demise was also necessary to set Thor on his path, which sees him seek out and create a proper "Thanos-killing weapon." Anthony Russo further elaborated on this, saying, "Aside from introducing Thanos as our lead and POV in the movie, this scene also very heavily kicks off Thor's arc in the film, who arguably may have the second-most-complete hero's journey in the movie."

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    'Infinity War' Patches A Plot Hole From The 'Thor' Franchise

    One of the biggest plot holes from the first Thor film is that the Rainbow Bridge is brought down, making it impossible for Thor to return to Midgard. Of course, he does come back to Midgard for The Avengers, and Loki says, "With the Bifrost gone, how much dark energy did the All-Father have to muster to conjure you here, your precious Earth?"

    That line was meant to explain the Bifrost's absence not being an issue for Thor's appearance, but it didn't exactly please the fans (who love to point out plot holes). Thanks to Heimdall, Infinity War finally ripped off that little Band-Aid and fixed the plot hole for good.

    Writer Christopher Markus explained the problem and the fix used in Infinity War: "In Avengers, where Thor comes back saying that 'Odin used all his dark magic to get me home,' people said, 'Oh, that was just a cheat, because you broke the Bifrost' - and you just saw where the dark magic came from, straight out of Heimdall."

    When Heimdall uses that dark magic to send the Hulk to Earth, that's a bit of fan service done to close the plot hole.

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    There's A Reason The Hulk Doesn't Come Out After His Fight With Thanos

    At the beginning of the film, the Hulk tears into Thanos as the two titans go one-on-one. Unfortunately, the Hulk proves less than capable of tearing down his enemy, and he winds up getting his big green butt kicked and sent back to Earth. When he later refuses to manifest himself, it seems as if he's either unwilling or unable to come forward, and this leaves Bruce Banner somewhat incapable of battling Thanos's forces.

    Theories spread all over the internet as why the Hulk didn't come out and play, but they were all pretty much incorrect. Director Joe Russo explained the reasoning for keeping the Hulk in hiding throughout the rest of the film, and it actually makes a lot of sense:

    This was an interesting journey that we went on with Banner, trying to decide how to move him forward in the Marvel Universe. What makes him unique is that there's a host body that is being fought over by two distinct personalities who hate each other, and both want control of the host body. We thought an interesting direction to take him in is: Well, what if Banner, who typically uses the Hulk to solve crisis situations - what if the Hulk were no longer interested in solving those problems for Banner? The relationship is becoming increasingly dysfunctional. He's tired of playing hero to Bruce Banner.

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