Which 'Avengers' Power Do You Want Most?

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Vote up the Avengers whose power sets you'd like to have in your actual life.

The Avengers are Marvel's mightiest heroes. And most people stuck in the real world consider The Avengers actors and actresses to be the superpowered people we wish we could meet. That said, a lot of fans occasionally dream of having their own super abilities and saving the world from imminent danger.

Imagine being able to manipulate energy or control neuroelectric interfaces like Scarlet Witch. Imagine having the agility of a panther or the climbing skills of a spider. Perhaps you long to travel across worlds with the ease of an Asgardian god, or maybe you would prefer operating as a regular human with genius level intellect and a basement full of super-suits. 

Whatever your dream superhero powers are, one of the Avengers likely already embodies them. What Avengers' powers do you wish you had?