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Small Details From The Avengers (2012) That Still Surprise Us

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As the MCU veers into episodic content, it's important to remember our roots. The Avengers was a major milestone for comic fans everywhere, and there are still a ton of hidden gems fans found that'll enhance even the 100th viewing. 

Whether or not you missed these small, interesting details the first few times, it's cool to see how far the original Avengers have come. Vote up the most impressive small movie details The Avengers has to offer.

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    The Guy Playing Galaga Is About To Beat The High Score

    Tony Stark's "he's playing Galaga!" quip has to be one of the best lines in the entire MCU. It's amazing there's even more layers to this joke. From Redditor /u/SMOKLM:

    In The Avengers (2012) the guy playing Galaga when Stark leaves the room is beating his own high score! 

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    Hawkeye Shoots A Gun Like He's Firing An Arrow

    Hawkeye is literally the only person who could get away with shooting a gun like this. Even if it's just a movie. From Redditor /u/rob_ob:

    In The Avengers (2012) when Hawkeye fires at Maria Hill, even though he's shooting a gun, he positions his body with his shoulder blades very far back, just as he would if he were firing bow and arrow. Almost everyone other SHIELD agent in the film uses the traditional 'cup and saucer' method.

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    A Deleted Scene Shows The Continuity of Howard Stark

    Hardly anyone can measure up to the Russo Brothers when it comes to continuity. From Redditor /u/LongjumpingParamedic:

    Avengers (2012) deleted scene shows Tony Stark's parent's date of death that matches up with their date of death in Captain America Civil War (2016), assuming their bodies were found the next morning.

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    Chris Evans Had To Cover His 'Snowpiercer' Beard

    In some behind-the-scenes action, apparently the post credit scene was shot while Evans was still sporting one of Cap's much later looks. From Redditor /u/gau-tam:

    In The Avengers (2012) post credits scene at the shawarma stall, Cap (Chris Evans) is scene resting his face on his hand and not eating anything. This is because the scene was shot too late (after the premier) and Evans — who was working on Snowpiercer (2013) — had grown a beard.

    He also wore a prosethic jaw to make sure the illusion wasn't broken.

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