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15 Ways To Avoid Telemarketers (And Make Them Stop Calling)

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Indignation, desperation, and anger are some suitable feelings you may have toward telemarketers. Sure, they're just doing their jobs, and even they sometimes hate doing it. But there are ways to avoid them or even make them stop calling completely! We've compiled some helpful tips and tricks right here.

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    Money-Mouth Face Emoji

    From a Redditor:

    Go on the Do Not Call registry. If they call you, log it. You can get up to $1,500 per call for them illegally soliciting you.

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    Script Your Reality

    From Redditor u/jackaldude2:

    I once had a telemarketer trying to fool me by making an attempt of "I'm an agent from the governmental office of money and you owe $50k" with a very thick Indian accent.
    I quickly counter-bluffed with, "Sir, I work with the US International Business Registry, what's the name of your company?"

    "Company X."

    "Sir, I'm just going to verify this quarter's international roster" - pause - "Sir, it appears that your company is under investigation for [false] transactions, [grift] operations, international larceny, and posing as the National Dept. of Finances. If you like, I can transfer you to an investigations officer so that the court actions can proceed."


    I still get telemarketer calls, but as soon as I answer they hang up lol.

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    The Robot Voice

    From Redditor u/Pedropeller:

    I put on my official-sounding tone and make like I'm an answering machine: "You have reached the anti-telemarketing Task Force in Washington, DC. Please stay on the line and have your personal information ready... an officer will be with you in a moment. Please be aware that you will be personally investigated to aid us in the eradication of this social irritant."

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    Oh Sounds Like A Broadway Play

    From Redditor u/eternal8phoenix:

    My personal tactic? Time-wasting extravaganza. I had someone cold-call me to sell a conservatory. The first time, I told them to put me on the do-not-call list or else, and hung up. Next time they called? I let them push the sell for about 45 minutes before telling them I live on the fourth floor of a block of flats.

    Someone calling from "Microsoft" telling me my windows PC is broken? Played along but played dumb. Strung them along for 20 minutes (including reading out every key on the keyboard) before I told them it was a Linux. (It wasn't.)

    Survey? One warning, and then I started reading War and Peace down the phone.

    After a while... they stopped calling. I think they worked out I have far more spare time than they do. I hope I trashed their call times. Don't be rude, never swear, no threats or hostility, just be dumb, be infuriating, and be tedious.

    Or just block the numbers. Much quicker, but less satisfying.

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