15 Things To Avoid Doing On An Airplane

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Frequent flyers: vote up the worst airplane stories you don't want to repeat.

The world is divided into those who show up to the airport overly prepared and four hours early, and those who really don't care and arrive last minute with nothing more than a backpack. Either group can be annoying when they finally board the plane, and people are talking about it! These airplane horror stories might give you an idea of what not to do on an airplane the next time you find yourself flying.

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    Delayed The Flight With A Pointless Joke About The Pilot

    From Redditor u/kewlkatcalvin:

    My dad always tells the story of how his friend from work delayed a flight by three hours by jokingly asking the pilot,"Didn't I see you at the bar?"

    He didn't realize that... joke would end with clearing the plane of all passengers, bringing in a new pilot, and causing the original pilot to go through some serious sh*t.

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    A Woman Faked Her Baby's Medical Emergency To Get Off The Plane

    From Redditor u/rlbmxer27:

    I'm a pilot. We were going from Chicago to Milwaukee and back, and then we were done with a four-day trip, so we were definitely wanting to get on with it and go home. We were all boarded and waiting for the de-icing truck to come to spray us because it was snowing. After waiting for over an hour for the truck, they finally spray us down and we start pushing back. As we are pushing, the flight attendant calls up and tells us there's a lady that wants to get off the airplane. We tell her we can't, so the lady then tells the flight attendant that her baby is having a medical emergency and has to get off. Fine.

    We pull back up to the gate and let her off (the baby looks fine, mind you), and we ask her if she needs paramedics. She denies medical attention and refused to take the baby to the clinic that is literally 50 feet away. They had checked bags, so we had to call rampers to dig through the cargo hold to find their bags. Finally, we had them off and we were getting ready to go again, about two hours late at this point. As we were getting ready to close the door, the gate agent ran up and said that when the lady found out that we were on the last flight up to Milwaukee, she begged to get back on the airplane and come with us. The captain and I looked at each other in shock, told the gate agent there was no way in hell she was getting back on the airplane, and got out of there. 

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    Someone Punched A Flight Attendant In The Face

    From Redditor u/ShinyCupcake:

    As a flight attendant I've been punched in the face, propositioned, witnessed multiple couples try to get it on in the seats, had one couple try to do it in the galley, had my butt pinched, watched arguments break out over seats being reclined, been told the quality of ginger ale I serve is not of a high enough caliber, seen bare feet on bulkhead walls at face level, had someone try to stow their luggage on my jumpseat shortly before landing, and had trash dumped on my food tray while I was still eating from it.

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    A Man Tried To Tell The Pilot They Were Going The Wrong Way

    From Redditor u/szaeti:

    I'm a pilot for a smaller company in northern Canada. The plane I fly only has eight seats, so when I have a full load of people, one person has to sit up front with me in the right seat.

    One time I was flying with a full load, and the guy beside me was just one of those cocky, annoying guys that think they're always right. About five minutes after takeoff he asked me if I knew where we were. I told him exactly where we were, and then another couple of minutes later he said we were going the wrong way. Being cautious, I checked my GPS and my other nav-aids which all indicated I was on track to my destination. I told him he's mistaken and pointed straight ahead of us telling him that was where we needed to go. He then pointed over his right shoulder and said we should be heading back that way. By this time I knew the guy was dumb.

    For the rest of the flight, he just kept shaking his head and I kept trying to ignore him.

    After we landed at our destination I just gave him the "how about you just let the pilots do the navigating from now on" look.

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    An Old Woman Kicked A Flight Attendant

    From Redditor u/notalurker99:

    Son of two flight attendants. My dad was even kicked by an old lady to get his attention; one guy stuck his shoe out the aisle and tripped him. Broken ankle from that.

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    Someone Joked About There Being Fire On The Plane

    From Redditor u/PineconeShuff:

    I used to work for an airline, which meant I got to fly for free as a standby passenger. This is called "non-revving" (non-revenue passenger). So this one day I'm taking a flight to New York as a non-rev and there is a girl from our airline who worked as a gate agent on there with a bunch of her friends. Non-revving is a delicate thing sometimes; there are a lot of rules that the airline makes you follow so you don't tarnish their image. I almost got denied entry once because I wasn't wearing dress shoes.

    These girls get boarded and immediately start acting stupid. It's warm in the plane, so clearly, the APU [auxiliary power unit] hasn't been connected to allow the plane power to run the AC. As soon as the APU is connected and activated, the AC is turned on and something starts blowing out the vents. At this point, the plane is fully boarded, but people are still putting things in the overheads. What looks like steam or dust or mist or something starts coming out these vents and one of the stupid girl's friends decides to shout (jokingly) "FIRE! THERE'S A FIRE ON THE PLANE!"

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