15 Things To Avoid Doing At A Hair Salon According To Hairdressers

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A trip to the salon can be a much-needed refresh, or a nightmare waiting to happen. These hairdresser stories are intended to help you avoid the latter. Read on to learn what not to do at the hair salon.

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    One Woman Threw A Brush At Her Stylist And Made Her Cry

    From Redditor u/ddawn215:

    I work in a big city, and I'm surrounded by hotels and airports. I see about 300 new faces each month on top of my regular clients, weddings, etc. I've been to Manhattan for classes, Nj, all over. Continuing education is so very important.

    I can literally copy and paste my most difficult clients. Not even exaggerating, every single client I've ever had an issue with was the exact same person. Blonde, middle age, from Chicago/Houston/La, gets blow outs 3 times a week back at home, wants "most straight with lots of body and texture in the layers" blow out. Go. Run far away from me because you will not be happy with me.

    I've had one throw a brush at me, one had me in tears because she said she could, "smell my lack of confidence," and one laugh hysterically at me when I reiterated exactly her words back to her.

    Go. Away.

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    He Refused To Let Anyone Else Do His Hair And Followed His Stylist

    From Redditor u/Shalamarr:

    I got this story from my old hairdresser, "Sue". She was doing my hair when her coworker came by and murmured "By the way, Jim is here. He's waiting for you to be available." Sue rolled her eyes and said, "Oh, great."

    "What's wrong?" I asked.

    She said "Jim is basically stalking me. He comes here every two weeks and refuses to let anyone else do his hair. He's asked me out, even though he knows I'm married. One time he waited for me in the parking lot."

    I was horrified and asked if she'd reported him to the cops. "Nah. He's harmless." Uh, I hope she was right!.

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    His Hair Was So Greasy The Water Just Ran Off It

    From Redditor u/bzookee:

    A long time ago but I had to wash and cut a teenager that hadn't washed his hair in what looked like months. Salon policy was to wash after a men's cut and the smell was awful. After his cut, I tried to wet his hair in the shampoo bowl and the water just ran off his hair because of all the oil buildup. I had seen a lot during my years as a stylist but that was the worst experience.

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    A Mom Brought Her Daughter Into The Salon To Get Rid Of Head Lice

    From Redditor u/snugglemybutt:

    A mom brought her daughter in, she was maybe 12-15 yrs old and told us she wanted her hair bleached. As one of my fellow students applied the bleach, suddenly bugs started crawling manically on her head, girl was infested with lice and her damn mom brought her in thinking the bleach would eliminate it, without informing us of it. We immediately sent them out the door, bleach still in her hair and had to shut down the school the rest of the day to clean and sanitize everything.

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    He Never Rinsed Out His Hair Dye

    From Redditor u/watdisdo:

    Not me, but someone I knew had a client come in with thick, black greasy hair. As she went to shampoo his hair, she noticed the water turning black. Apparently, he had dyed it black a few weeks ago but wasn't aware he had to rinse it out.

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    She Cries And Screams Over The Price Every Time She comes In

    From Redditor u/Sassafrassuchaheifer:

    Rhonda is a bleach and tone. Rhonda likes to dispute the price. It starts at $55 and it's $15 for every extra 80g. So she gets her bleach blonde hair done for $70, instead of the hundreds of dollars it would cost elsewhere. I worked the front desk and Rhonda CRIED and SCREAMED at us that she never had to pay that before. Except this happened every time for half a year and we have extensive records of our guests including payment history, purchase history, color formulas, cut instructions, and even personality notes.

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