Conspiracies There's An Insane (But Kind Of Believable) Theory Avril Lavigne Died And Was Replaced With A Double  

Veronica Walsingham
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The conspiracy theory that Avril Lavigne died and was replaced with a body double seems like it will never go away. Dating back to 2012, this theory has a resurgence every few months when more evidence is supposedly found or a new article is published. While this conspiracy theory about Avril Lavigne is off the wall crazy, there is also seemingly solid evidence that backs up the claim.

This theory proposes that a body double has been appearing as Lavigne since as far back as 2003. This may explain some of the odd behavior Lavigne has indulged in. Between feuding with Mark Zuckerberg, Lindsay Lohan, and Taylor Swift, not letting fans touch her, and her "Hello Kitty" music video, it doesn't seem like Avril Lavigne is the same person she once was. So, has Lavigne simply grown up and changed as a person - as we all do - or is there a body double playing the role of Avril Lavigne? 

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Since 2004, There Have Been Noticeable Changes In Her Physical Appearance

There’s a reason this theory has such strength. Some of the physical changes in Lavigne’s appearance don’t necessarily make sense. Many point to Lavigne’s birthmarks and moles, some of which seem to have disappeared. While that can happen, it's uncommon for life-long moles and birthmarks to suddenly start disappearing. On top of that, people claim her eye shape and jaw line have changed. Specifically, her eyes have changed from hooded shaped to almond shaped, and her jaw is more angular.

While one can explain away the moles, eyes, and jaw line with plastic surgery, Lavigne also appears to have shrunk in size. She's reportedly lost 3cm, which isn't as easy to explain through plastic surgery.

There’s also claims that, following 2004, Lavigne was seen sporting the same tattoo that Vandella had previously had. Do people sometimes go and get the same tattoo as their body double? I guess, but the numerous changes in her appearance are enough to sway some people to buy into their theory.

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Where Is Melissa Vandella, Though?

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If Avril Lavigne is alive and well, then what has her doppelgänger, Vandella, been up to? Vandella seems to have vanished. While there are a few photos of Lavigne with her prior to 2004, there are none after that. 

Really, this whole thing could be cleared up through a simple selfie of Lavigne and Vandella together. So, why hasn’t Lavigne posted that? Obviously, it’s because the real Lavigne is dead, right?

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Lavigne's Body Double, Melissa Vandella, Took Over After Lavigne's Death

Vandella was hired as a body double to divert attention from the real Avril Lavigne. However, reports state that Lavigne and Vandella grew very close during this time. As friends, Lavigne is said to have even taught Vandella how to sing like her.

It’s believed that after having found Lavigne's body, the record company proposed the idea of Vandella taking over the role of being “Avril Lavigne.” Therefore, Under My Skin was Lavigne’s voice, but all the promotional photos and performances for the album were done by Vandella.

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Following Her 2004 Album, Her Music Took A Sharp Turn

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Photo: Avril Lavigne Vevo/YouTube

The next album released by Lavigne was 2007’s The Best Damn Thing, on which both her vocals and her music sounded different. Many critics commented on Lavigne’s transition from grungy punk to more of a pop-punk era, with “Girlfriend” as the lead single from the album.

What’s also noteworthy is that all of the original band members who were with Lavigne for the first and second albums had left before the third album. Is this due to the natural way band members come and go, or is this because they didn’t want to work with the new Lavigne?

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