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There's An Insane (But Kind Of Believable) Theory Avril Lavigne Died And Was Replaced With A Double

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The conspiracy theory that Avril Lavigne passed and was replaced with a body double seems like it will never go away. Dating back several years, this theory has a resurgence every so often when more evidence is supposedly found or a new article is published. While this conspiracy theory about Avril Lavigne is odd, there is also seemingly solid evidence that backs up the claim.

This theory proposes that a body double has been appearing as Lavigne since as far back as 2003. This may explain some of the odd behavior Lavigne has indulged in. Between feuding with Mark Zuckerberg, Lindsay Lohan, and Taylor Swift, not letting fans touch her, and her "Hello Kitty" music video, it does seem like Avril Lavigne has changed. So, has Lavigne simply grown up and changed as a person - as we all do - or is there a body double playing the role of Avril Lavigne? 

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    Following Her 2004 Album, Her Music Took A Sharp Turn

    The next album released by Lavigne was 2007's The Best Damn Thing, on which both her vocals and her music sounded totally different. Many critics commented on Lavigne's transition from grungy punk to more of a pop-punk era, with "Girlfriend" as the lead single from the album.

    What's also noteworthy is that original band members who were with Lavigne for the first and second albums had left before the third album. Is this due to the natural way band members come and go, or is this because they didn't want to work with the "new" Lavigne?

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    Her Handwriting Has Changed Dramatically

    As another fan pointed out, Lavigne's handwriting has changed dramatically. It should be noted, though, changes in handwriting aren't unheard of. As one expert explained:

    At a certain point, you've learned all there is to learn about it: You've mastered the fine motor skills, you know the right way to grip a pen, you've written enough that you no longer need to think about the physical act of forming letters with your hand. But still, odds are decent that your handwriting right now looks a little bit different than it did five years ago, and will look different again in five more.

    That said, it's not shocking that Lavigne's handwriting has changed. However, the handwriting coupled with all the physical changes sure seem suspicious to many.

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    Before The Release Of Her 2004 Album, Lavigne Supposedly Ended It All

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    Lavigne rose to fame with the release of her first album, Let Go, in 2002. She was only 18 at the time and reportedly didn't know how to handle the media attention she was getting. Having signed a two-record deal, the company allegedly hired Melissa Vandella as a body double for Lavigne, helping divert the paparazzi and making life more manageable for rising pop-star.

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    Lavigne’s Good Friend Suspiciously Released A Song That May Or May Not Be About The 'Switch'

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    One of the band members who left was Evan Taubenfeld. Taubenfeld was said to be very close to Lavigne before he left the band in 2004, which is the same time the theory proposes Vandella took over the role. After leaving, Taubenfeld went on to release songs that may or may not be about Lavigne's demise.

    On "Broken" Taubenfeld sings:

    Feeling so alone
    Just want to know
    Why every day is just so hard on me

    Today was the worst day of my life
    Living a lie
    Torn apart all inside
    I can't not, find out what I need

    On "Best Years Of Our Lives" Taubenfeld sings:

    I'd never thought we would ever end,
    I'd never thought I'd lose my best friend,
    Everything is different now,
    Can we stop the world from turning?

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