Weird Nature Awesome Names For A Group Of Animals You've Probably Never Heard  

Mick Jacobs

Groups from the Illuminati to the Wu-Tang Clan knows the importance of selecting the proper collective name. Even in the scientific community, association is everything, and the awesome animal herd names in the video below highlight that.

Instead of just calling everything a "pack" or "herd," scientists decided to go a more colorful route when it comes to grouping animals. The animals don't even realize it, but they get to be part of a fun gang, all for science.

They get to fly, swim, and migrate as one big, fun unit, and they have no idea they have such whimsical names. 

Humans, on the other hand, must live with the crappy group names assigned to them: mob, crowd, audience, general populace. So hopefully this video of the most awesome animal names will help you live vicariously through these other, non-human populations.