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Anime Parents So Awesome You Wish They'd Raised You 

Anna Lindwasser
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It's surprisingly common to find anime parents who are absolutely terrible at parenting. Sometimes the parental figures are dead, or just off on permanent overseas business trips. That said, there are some parents in our favorite anime shows who are just plain amazing.

Parenting is no easy job, but these great moms and dads make it look easier than spotting the protagonist in an anime classroom. Some of them make huge sacrifices for their kids, while others are simply rocking the day to day grind of child-rearing. Good parents in anime are rare, so it's worth getting to know the ones who do exist. 

Maes Hughes From Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
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Maes Hughes of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is one of the most loving dads you'll find in an anime. He carries a picture of his daughter, Elycia, with him everywhere and brags about how cute she is to anyone who will listen. He consistently showers his little girl with affection, making her feel safe, loved, and happy in a dangerous world. His death partway through the series is all the more tragic because Elycia is going to have to grow up without him.

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Hana From Wolf Children
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Hana from Wolf Children has some parenting challenges that most parents don't have. Not only is she raising two rambunctious little kids on her own, but her kids have a strange secret. Like their father, they can transform into wolves. Figuring out how to raise her kids properly requires a ton of research and there are some thorny questions (like whether to take her kids to a pediatrician or a veterinarian when they get sick) but Hana makes it work for the sake of her babies.

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Inko Midoriya From My Hero Academia
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Inko Midoriya, Izuku's mom from My Hero Academiais a sweet, supportive mama who is there for her son no matter what. Izuku dreams of attending UA High and learning how to be a hero. Because he doesn't have a quirk or superpower, this goal seems almost tragically out of reach. When it seems like he'll have to give up, Midoriya grieves with him. When it seems like he has a chance after all, she's ecstatic and makes a superhero costume for him as a show of support, and as an apology for doubting him before.

Later, when life at UA High seems too dangerous, the protective mother protests his attendance, but is also willing to hear out alternate viewpoints on the issue.

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Shikaku And Yoshino Nara From Naruto
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The parents who usually get credit for being the best in the Naruto universe are the Uzumakis. While their sacrifice for their newborn son is laudable, they weren't actually around to parent him, so it's hard to give them a fair evaluation. That said, the Naras deserve a lot of credit.

Shikamaru's parents, Yoshino and Shikaku, have one major goal for their son; they want him to stop being so lazy and actually live up to his incredible potential. Despite his lack of motivation, the kid has an IQ of over 200.

A combination of non-nonsense lectures from his mom and empathy from his dad get the boy on the right track. Also, unlike the majority of anime dads, Shikaku actually encourages his kid to be a feminist, calling him out when he complains about how annoying and dumb girls are. The Naras do the hard work required to turn their whiny lazy preteen into a smart, hardworking young man.

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