22 Terrifying Anthology Horror Movies Perfect for a Halloween Binge

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A common problem with horror films is that many have too much filler. You end up with an hour of buildup for a film that really only had 30 minutes of plot. This pitfall is eliminated in these anthology horror movies. Each is a collection of short, scary stories that leave the viewer satisfied instead of bored.

There is a long tradition of this style of film in horror. Omnibus horror films became a genre of their own during the 1960s. Often these films involve a collection of great directors coming together and each directing their own segment (think Masters of Horror in movie form). Whether they are original stories or adaptations, these collections of horror stories keep the audience scared and entertained. These are the best of the genre, which includes a wide variety of styles. Some are campy, some are gory, and some are truly terrifying. They are all worth watching.