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21 Attack On Titan Cosplays That The Live Action Film Needs To Take Notes From

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While Attack on Titan Season 2 wreaks havoc on both the soldiers in the Survey Corps and the audience's heartstrings, Attack on Titan cosplay allows you to enjoy the show without getting emotionally pummeled. Brace yourself for an onslaught of Attack on Titan cosplayers who bring the terror and action of this anime to life! As if the on-screen Titans weren't ghastly enough, cosplay of the Titans from Attack on Titan depicts these killer creatures in all their three-dimensional gory glory; you'll find your fight-or-flight response kicking in when confronted with the best Attack on Titan cosplay.

Thanks to some creative Attack on Titan fans, cosplay has never looked so horrifying and awesome at the same time. These hardcore fans truly embody the fighting spirit of humanity and their gruesome attackers—and the conflict engulfing them both. Your favorite Attack on Titan characters never looked more real, or more resolved.

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    Female Titan

    Annie's Female Titan form is beautiful, deadly, and displayed perfectly by FloreaFlavia.

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    Sasha Vs. Titans

    Inushio Cosplayer is the stunning Sasha facing a terrible Titan, taken by VergneDekton.

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    Eren Fights The Armored Titan

    HaJI captured this perfect moment of Titan Eren and the Armored Titan (TheIdeaFix and HaJI) in the middle of a ferocious fight 

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    Eren Titan

    JayEm Sison cosplaying Titan Eren's face-off with the Colossal Titan is a truly epic display of power, captured perfectly by vaxzone.

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