Bill Nye Walked Into An Elevator Full Of Gorgeous Women In Bikinis And Awesomeness Ensued

An entire generation has grown up knowing Bill Nye as the bow-tied Science Guy on PBS. That alone would be a worthy legacy, but after his show wrapped, Nye became so much more: a leading voice in the climate change battle; the CEO of the Planetary Society, a nonprofit dedicated to planetary science and research; and, remarkably, an all-around badass. The latter was demonstrated perfectly in a 2017 encounter in which Bill Nye got greeted like a rockstar – and deservedly so.


It all started with a totally random meeting in an elevator between Nye and a group of scantily-clad women, and, boy, do these bikini babes love Bill Nye. They just happened to be Snapchatting at the time, so the incident was caught on camera. The Bill Nye elevator video instantly went viral. But this isn't Mr. Nye's first brush with being the best; he's been doing awesome things for his fans, and the world, for years. The story of Bill Nye and bikini-clad women is just one of many moments that prove the beloved science educator is one helluva nifty guy.

  • The Women Treated Him Like A Rockstar

    The Women Treated Him Like A Rockstar
    Video: YouTube

    The chance meeting happened in Adelaide, Australia, where Nye was attended the International Astronautical Conference. A group of young women in bikinis were filming themselves twerking in a hotel elevator when Nye got on. They reacted with shock and glee, gasping "Oh my God!" and "No way!" upon his entrance. Nye, ever the cool cucumber, smiled and gave a sheepish wave.

    The video instantly took off once it was posted on social media, and Nye himself retweeted it.

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  • Women Can Have It All!


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  • The Planetary Society Had Some Fun With The Video

    The Planetary Society Had Some Fun With The Video
    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY

    The Planetary Society, the organization Nye heads, had some irresistible fun with the bikini/twerking video. "Every amazing space conference starts with an epic elevator entrance," they tweeted. "Just ask our CEO @BillNye."


    They recreated the video by having Society members dance in an elevator before Nye got on. He and the group used the opportunity to mention the International Astronautical Congress and the Planetary Society – which seems like a really cool place to work.

  • He Once Hung Out With A Young Fan Who Has Autism

    He Once Hung Out With A Young Fan Who Has Autism
    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY

    The elevator encounter is only one in a long line of incidents that prove Nye's awesomeness. In December 2014, he met with a teenage fan who has autism.


    "My dream is to work with Bill Nye one day in Pasadena, California, when I’m older," 15-year-old Michael de Groot said. His dream, however, was closer than he thought. Michael's sister pulled some strings and got the two of them an invitation to an event at which Nye was speaking. But they didn't know they'd actually get to spend some personal time with Nye, who signed Michael's lab coat and gave him a Planetary Society badge.


    "To take the time the way he did, to really make a difference for a kid, and for the family, was pretty amazing," Michael's father said.