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15 Next Level Bird Mating Dances That You Wish You Could Try At The Club

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The next time you find yourself trying to impress potential partners at the club, try out some of these bird mating dances. While you may be opposed to other more bizarre animal mating rituals, awesome bird dancing  relies on fancy footwork and complete confidence, traits you absolutely need to become both Lord of the Dance and of the down-and-dirty. Their hollow bones may appear fragile, but they only make these avians all the more nimble. Even birds who lack the grace of flight still possess enough self-confidence and poise to win over a mate with their grounded choreography. Not all birds possess the standard love-making tools, but you'd never know it the way they flaunt those feathers.

When you see the birds dancing in the videos below, take some notes. Bird mating rituals look strange at first glance, but when you think about it, the twist, the dougie, and the cha cha slide aren't exactly paradigms of grace either. Furthermore, bird dances come with an assurance no potential partner can resist, avian or mammal. And everyone knows confidence on the dance floor translates to confidence in many other areas, too.