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Magical Facts About the Life of the Capybara

Updated 9 Jun 2020 588.4k views16 items

What’s not to love about the capybara? The overgrown guinea pig may be the largest rodent in the world, but you should give more than a rat's a** about it. Cute capybaras and their super chill demeanor litter countless Pinterest boards, showing off their swimming skills for the world to fawn over. However, the capybara's cuteness is but only one reason why you should care about the water hog. Spread across the continent of South America, capybaras form large communities and socialize freely with other animals. As animal parents, they help teach their young how to swim, and the whole group acts as their protectors. And when it comes to mating, let's just say the capybara isn't shy about its sexuality.

The following facts about capybaras might just change your opinion of this incredible creature. If you ever wondered what lies underneath the furry exterior of the cutest exotic animal on the Internet - yeah, suck it, baby bats - these amazing capybara facts will point you toward the answer.

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