AWESOME Homemade Couples Costumes for Halloween 2010  

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Halloween costume ideas 2010. For the couples on a budget, and short on Halloween costume ideas for 2010, here are some easy costumes you guys can 100% Thrift Store. What to do when it is almost a week until Halloween and you and your significant other have nothing to wear for the big party? Worry not. While these costumes are extremely easy, they also pay homage to famous couples of the big and little screen, which people will not only love, but they will appreciate. Plus, while a lot of couple costumes are lame and overdone, (cough, Prince Charming and Cinderella, cough, cough) these are fun as hell. If you don't have a significant other, who cares? Do it with a friend, even if you two are the same sex, which is more funny anyway.

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Priest & Catholic School Girl

While a Priest and Altar Boy costume would be more topical, a Priest and Catholic School Girl Costume is more fun for couples. Fun, easy, and a tad bit naughty.

Priest: Black shirt, white collar, black pants, black shoes.

School Girl: White shirt, plaid skirt.

If you don't want to deal with making it yourself:

CLICK HERE for a sexy school girl costume. OW!

CLICK HERE to go for the gold and dress as the Pope!
Adam & Eve
Shrek and Fiona
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Paint yourselves green and have a party with the clothes. Thrift stores, whatever. Paint each other green, that makes it more fun.

Green body. Brown vest, (You can probably make one out of a large burlap sack) dirty white tee, and khaki high water pants with a brown belt. Sandals that look like Birkenstocks, because you would NOT want to get your Birkenstocks all green.

TONS of thrift stores have princess dresses. Buy one, and being painted green, no one will second guess. Pull your hair into a ponytail, wear sandals and put on a crown.

If you don't want to deal with making it yourself:

Shrek Forever Fiona Warrior Adult Womens CostumeShrek Forever Deluxe Adult Mens Costume

You can click here for the Shrek Forever After Fiona Warrior Adult Womens Costume or here for the Shrek Forever After Deluxe Adult Mens Costume
Juno and Bleeker
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These are probably the most fun costumes of the bunch. Pregnant 16 year old, check. Nerdy (but in a good way) track star, check. For s**z, up the spout.

As in the picture posted to your left, Juno is wearing a short pleated skirt over her trusty jeans, which is a look she has throughout the entire film. She wears plaid converse most of the time, with a striped or graphic shirt of some sort. Put something under the shirt to make yourself look pregnant (or you could be Juno pre-pregnancy, but I don’t think people would really get it).

Yellow track shorts that go up to the mid thigh range. Maroon tank top, any color sweat band. Tall socks, and running shoes.