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20 Pretty Cool Movie Details We Found This Week That Made Us Say, 'Whoa'

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On Reddit, folks are sharing fun facts, awesome behind-the-scenes moments, and cool trivia regarding favorite movies. From small, important details in The Lego Movie to hidden cameos in Finding Nemo, here are a few of the cooler tidbits that had us saying, "Damn, that's interesting."

  • Posted by u/StatusLoquat8:

    For Monsters Inc. (2001), due to Mary Gibbs who played Boo being so young, it was difficult to get her to stay in the recording booth to perform her lines. So they decided to follow her around with a microphone and cut her lines together using the random things/noises she say whilst playing.

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  • Posted by u/MissBarker93:

    In Finding Dory (2016), Dory passes by a sunken Volkswagen Beetle at the bottom of the ocean. This is a nod to the old Disney movie Herbie Goes Bananas (1980), in which one of the VW bugs that played Herbie was thrown into the ocean during filming and never got retrieved.

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  • Posted by u/skoinonm8:

    In The Lego Movie (2014), after traveling to the human world and being picked up off the floor by Finn, Emmet returns to the Lego world with a faint fingerprint on his left torso presumably left by Finn which was not visible earlier in the film.

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  • Good Will Hunting
    Photo: Miramax

    Posted by u/Zedfourkay:

    In Good Will Hunting (1997), Robin Williams character Sean tells Will Hunting a story of how his wife woke herself up from farting too loud. Robin Williams improvised the story, and the cameraman found it so funny, you can see the camera shaking.

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