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20 Pretty Awesome Movie Details We Found This Week That Made Us Say, 'Damn, That's Interesting'

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Over on Reddit, folks are rounding up a few of the favorite fun facts, awesome behind-the-scenes moments, and trivia regarding the favorite movies. From the surprise twist in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back to the use of Lincoln's actual pocket watch in his biopic, here are a few of the cooler tidbits we found that had us saying, "Damn, that's interesting."

  • Posted by u/Zedfourkay:

    In Star Wars: A New Hope (1977), the final thing Obi-Wan sees before deciding to sacrifice himself is Luke and Leia reunited after 19 years, after witnessing their birth.

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  • Posted by u/pieisgiood876:

    In order to prevent the twist of Darth Vader being Luke's father being spoiled in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980), the line written in the script and spoken during filming was "Obi-Wan killed your father," with it later dubbed over. Of the main cast, only Mark Hamill was informed before release.

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  • Posted by u/Chief_DaVinci:

    In Rocky (1976), when he runs through the Italian marketplace, the people's amused expressions as they look on is genuine, as they had no idea why a man was running back and forth being followed by a van. The man who throws him the orange was completely improvised.

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  • Posted by u/Idleguitarplayer:

    In The Godfather (1972), the smack that Vito gives Johnny Fontane was not in the script. Marlon Brando improvised the smack and Al Martino's confused reaction was real. According to James Caan, "Martino didn't know whether to laugh or cry."

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