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Insanely Detailed Nerd Gifts Dads Made For Their Kids

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As most parents know, there are few greater joys in the world than the look on your kid's face when you surprise them with something they never expected to receive. It doesn't come as much of a shock to learn that there are some DIY dads out there with particularly nerdy interests who have taken those surprises to a whole new level.

The internet has provided us with stories of some truly amazing and geeky gifts that dads have given their children over the years, most of which are awe-inspiring to adults as well. By using a little creativity, some crafty building, and a wealth of nerdy knowledge, these fathers have given their kids gifts they'll never forget.

In honor of all the nerdy dads out there, here are some of the best geeky presents that fathers have built for their children.

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    The Greatest Star Wars Playhouse Of All Time

    Photo: Twitter

    Colin Furze, a well-known inventor on YouTube, really topped himself with this one. Known for building true-to-life versions of classic movie and comic book gadgets, Furze partnered with eBay last year to create this Star Wars-themed playhouse shaped like a full-sized AT-ACT. Equipped with a ladder that leads to the interior of the AT-ACT's body, the playhouse is filled with nerf guns, action figures, and stormtrooper helmets.

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    An Amazing Father And Son Halloween Costume

    Photo: Imgur

    What better way to give your toddler the best first Halloween imaginable than with an incredible father-son costume?

    One nerdy dad made this MechWarrior suit that incorporated both him and his young son into a Halloween costume. This dad went above and beyond to create an ensemble that keeps him concealed under a PVC pipe and cardboard frame. One of the best parts about this costume is that his son appears to be in control of the machine.

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    A Galactic Drive-In Theater Experience

    Photo: Imgur

    When your daughter's school has an annual drive-in movie theater night where students are encouraged to sit in homemade vehicles and watch films with their parents, what's your first thought?

    For John Stoddard it was the perfect opportunity to show off his love for The Empire Strikes Back and make his six-year-old daughter very happy. Stoddard decided to create almost an exact miniature cardboard replica of one of the film's snowspeeders for his daughter to use during the school event. 

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    This Dad Built His Kids A NASA Simulator

    Video: YouTube

    Jeff Highsmith's sons may be too young to visit space anytime soon, but that doesn't mean he can't try to replicate the experience for them in his own unique way.

    Highsmith constructed this NASA simulator in his sons' bedroom. With LED lights, a control panel, and even an iPhone mount, the simulator is a pretty impressive replica of the interior of a spaceship. And just in case that wasn't enough, Highsmith installed a bass shaker in the bottom of the simulator, so his sons can feel like they're really part of a rocket launch.