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19 Schwifty Pickle Rick Fan Art Creations Rick & Morty Fans Can Appreciate

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When McDonald's re-released their epic Szechuan Sauce back into the wild, diehard Rick and Morty fans across America lined up in droves to get their hands on what little packets their local fast food franchise had been given. If you happened to miss out on grabbing some, don't worry, so did practically everyone else. It was a one-day, limited event, but you can soothe your senses with some super slick Pickle Rick fan art that's filled with as much rage, fury, and weirdness as the comeback event McDonald's threw for the sweet, sweet Szechuan.

From the minds of some of the most creative Rick and Morty fans on the block, the Rickiest Pickle Rick fan art kicks all other Rick and Morty fan art to the curb, glorifying the crunchy alternate form of the old and chaotic scientist by bringing Rick's pickle body into an array of alternate art mediums. From traditional drawings of Pickle Rick to full-on realistic caricatures of the character, the best fan art of Pickle Rick transcends this dimension and takes your mind far away from other saucy escapades.