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The Gnarliest Planet Earth Battles You'll Want To Pop Some Popcorn To Watch

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There are two things humans can't take their eyes off of: car wrecks on the side of the freeway and videos of animals doing animal things. The adrenaline rush of watching two creatures fight combined with the exotic mystery of animal behaviors in general have captivated humans for millennia. The BBC's Planet Earth programs have only made this habit that much more addicting: thanks to them, there is never a shortage of predator versus prey viewing for the humans who crave it. 

Check out this collection of the 11 best animal battles on Planet Earth and vote up which one you're going to play on a loop all weekend.

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    Battle: Jaguar Vs. Caiman Crocodile.

    Video: YouTube

    The Scene: Who even thought this was remotely possible? Like, this is the kind of thing that's made up on playgrounds when playing jungle animals with a ton of made up science facts and rules, because kids. A jaguar crushes a crocodile's skull and you completely forget that a caiman is itself a predator, too. There's almost no contest here.

    Winner: Jaguar.

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    Battle: Golden Eagle Vs. Golden Eagle

    Video: YouTube

    The Scene: In the winter months, meals for carnivorous animals can be difficult to come by. This means that there's always someone eyeing your freshly killed prey. This golden eagle tries to fend off several other eagles that see an opportunity to force out a smaller bird.

    Winner: The strongest eagle.

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    Battle: Great White Shark Vs. Cape Fur Seals

    Video: YouTube

    The Scene: A pod of Cape fur seals stands absolutely no chance against the real world equivalent of Galactus the Planet Devourer. The great white shark makes easy work of these seals--so much so that they practically jump into its mouth as they attempt to surface.

    Winner: Great white shark.

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    Battle: Spectacled Caiman Vs. Stork

    Video: YouTube

    The Scene: Storks are chilling in a tree. By a river. With hungry Spectacled Caiman lurking beneath. The Spectacled Caiman's jaws are capable of crushing even turtle shells with ease...this stork never even had a chance.

    Winner: Spectacled Caiman.

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