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The Gnarliest Planet Earth Battles You'll Want To Pop Some Popcorn To Watch

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There are two things humans can't take their eyes off of: car wrecks on the side of the freeway and videos of animals doing animal things. The adrenaline rush of watching two creatures fight combined with the exotic mystery of animal behaviors in general have captivated humans for millennia. The BBC's Planet Earth programs have only made this habit that much more addicting: thanks to them, there is never a shortage of predator versus prey viewing for the humans who crave it. 

Check out this collection of the 11 best animal battles on Planet Earth and vote up which one you're going to play on a loop all weekend.

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    Battle: Iguana Vs. Snakes

    Video: YouTube

    The Scene: A hatchling marine iguana is just having a casual day at the beach when suddenly an army of snakes come together in a joint assault against their fellow cold-blooded brother. They tackle the iguana in a full-on, chest-and-body chokehold while the iguana struggles against his myriad captors. This is straight out of your worst nightmares.

    Winner: Iguana (although let's be real, the BBC is the real winner here).

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    Battle: Golden Eagle Vs. Demoiselle Crane

    Video: YouTube

    The Scene: Like a peaceful, pastel-colored Studio Ghibli movie, a flock of demoiselle cranes riding an updraft, ascending the Himalayas. As the music swells, a pair of golden eagles turn this once relaxing scene into something plucked straight from a World War I dog fight against the Red Baron.

    Winner: Golden Eagle.

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    Battle: Polar Bear Vs. Walrus

    Video: YouTube

    The Scene: A hungry polar bear stridently approaches a horde of walruses, which circles up to protect its pups. The polar bear is totally blocked off from the most vulnerable walruses, so in retaliation it strikes where it can, preying on the fringe. After wrestling some smaller adults on the exterior, the walruses escape to the ocean. Moral: Family really is worth everything. 

    Winner: Walrus.

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    Battle: Komodo Dragon Vs. The Planet Earth Film Crew

    Video: YouTube

    The Scene: A Komodo dragon found its way into the hotel room of the Planet Earth crew and clearly wins in every aspect imaginable. Watch this all the way through.

    Winner: Komodo dragon.

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