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The Most Shockingly Violent Things Batman Villains Have Ever Done

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A hero is only as good as his villains, and thankfully Batman has the absolute best selection of rogues of any DC hero. There's the egotistical Riddler, the tragic Two-Face, and of course the maniacal Joker, among others. These crazy Batman villains have helped cement the Dark Knight as a legend, and some of them have proven they're strong and complex enough to carry their own comic book series, too.

Below is a list of some of the worst things Batman villains have ever done. Some are grand, doomsday-esque scenarios, while others are more personal vendettas against people who messed with the wrong villains. Either way, all these villains are certifiably insane - and the psychotic things some of them have done definitely prove that fact.

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    Hush feels like a villain right on the verge of greatness. He's one of Batman's deadliest foes - on both a physical and personal level - yet he's not famous enough to stand among the Joker, Two-Face, Penguin, or any of the other heavy-hitting Batman villains. That's not from a lack of despicable acts, though. 

    In early childhood, Hush was named Tommy Elliot, and he was extremely close friends with Bruce Wayne because they both came from wealthy families. Tommy hated his abusive father and passive mother, so he cut the brake lines of his parents' car, which led to their deaths and sealed his fate as a future villain. He has been part of a few of Batman's most devastating storylines, including Heart of Hush, which saw Hush come back to exact his revenge on Batman after he learned his true identity. To really hurt Batman on an emotional level, Hush hunted down Catwoman and proceeded to cut out her heart. He left her clinging to life and Batman fell into a deep despair as a result.

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    Choosing the most shocking thing the Joker has ever done is really an impossible task. He's just committed so many heinous acts that singling out any one as the worst isn't easy. One of his most savage acts, though, happened when Brian Azzarello reintroduced the character in his graphic novel, Joker.

    The Joker resumed his mantle as the Clown Prince of Crime after spending a long time in Arkham Asylum. Upon his release, he found one of his henchmen, Monty, had started to make a name for himself in the Joker's absence. This might have been okay on its own, but the Joker then learned Monty hired his beloved Harley Quinn to dance at his strip club. This sent the Joker into a rage - one that led to this scene, in which he skinned Monty - alive. The Joker then pushed Monty out onto his own club stage so he could get a taste of what it was like to be seen as nothing more than a piece of meat. The scene was gory, disgusting, and absolutely shocking.

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    While he may be flamboyantly dressed, Flamingo is easily one of the most cold-hearted, unfeeling members of Batman's rogues' gallery. After he was brainwashed by the mob into being the perfect hitman, he murdered his whole family to eliminate his connections to that world. 

    As if that weren't enough, Flamingo (real name Eduardo Flamingo, which is insane) regularly eats the faces of his victims. Not, like, for any particular reason. He doesn't think it'll make him stronger or give him the ability to take on their appearance, or whatever. In Batman #666, it's made apparent that he just really, really likes to eat people's actual faces off of their friggin' heads.

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    An egotistical maniac who's absolutely insane, the Riddler is one of Batman's smartest and deadliest enemies. During the time when seemingly every supervillain had a daughter of some sort (including Duela Dent, who has claimed to be just about every supervillain's daughter), the Riddler introduced his own offspring, Enigma. Not much is known about her, but she spent some time in Deathstroke's villainous Titans East group before eventually teaming up with dear old dad.

    What happens when two extremely egotistical villains work together? Nothing good. At the end of Batman #712, Enigma insulted her father's intelligence, saying he's nothing but a washed-up joke. This infuriated the Riddler who asked in return, "What's purple and green and bleeds profusely?" Then Enigma screamed. Readers haven't seen her since - and it doesn't take a genius to solve the riddle of what happened to her.

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