Supposedly Good TV Doctors Whom You Would Never Want As Your Practitioner

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There's a reason actors don't practice medicine and instead choose to play medical professionals on TV: any respectable hospital would unceremoniously fire many of these fictional doctors. While it's not a crime to be ridiculously good-looking (we're looking at you, Dr. Shepherd), it's a violation for a surgeon to hide a medical condition that results in a hand tremor (hello, Dr. Bell and Dr. Burke). The former may be a simple distraction for a patient, while the latter could cost a patient their life.

Some TV doctors are intentionally ridiculous, like Dr. Spaceman from 30 Rock or Dr. Riviera from The Simpsons, but these "good doctors" are trying their hardest to replicate real-life physicians accurately. The worst fictional doctors on TV range from psychiatrists to dentists to neurosurgeons. TV patients put their lives in the hands of these professionals, and the results are sometimes disastrous.

What would you do if you found out the surgeon performing your operation had an addiction to painkillers or was only 16 years old? Would you voice concern if your doctor yelled at you for no real reason? It would be wise to avoid these terrible TV doctors - your negligence may cost your life.