Politics 14 Awful Facts About the Alt-Right Movement  

Mel Judson
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For those of you lucky enough to avoid hearing about the alt-right movement during the 2016 Presidential campaign cycle, your time of blissful ignorance is over. This new "political group" has sprung up in the wake of Donald Trump and seems to get more and more publicity every day. So what makes the alt-right so horrible? There are no easy answers when it comes to understanding why a hate group disguised as a political party feels the way it feels, but the things you didn't know about the growing - and awful - alt-right movement will hopefully shed some light on a pretty ugly topic.

If there’s one thing that the alt-right is good at, it’s making everyone uncomfortable. They’re a group of real Americans who hate that their country has been "cuckolded" from them by the PC police. Or was it refugees? Or maybe it was just women? Okay so the alt-right doesn’t know exactly who they’re mad at, but they’re very upset and they want to take out their aggression on anyone that will listen, one Twitter-egg account at a time.

In a country founded on the ideal of free speech and political discourse, people from all walks of life should be able to sit down together and have a meaningful conversation about our government and the policies that it carries out. But we can’t do that until everyone stops acting like giant babies. Here’s everything you need to know about the alt-right.

They Don't Care About Logic or Facts

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While alt-righters slither around an actual definition of who they are and what they believe, the easiest way to describe them is to say that they're alpha males whose only desire is to stuff anyone who disagrees with them into a digital locker after a lengthy Twitter tirade. They don't care whether or not they have the facts to back up what they're saying (most, if not all, of the time they don't), the only thing they care about is wearing down their opponents with noise. “To beat a person, you lower his or her social status,” writes Mike Cernovich in Danger and Play. “Logic is pointless.” Some characters, like Alex Jones (pictured), are totally fine with making things up. For instance, he once said President Obama was a demon. 

They Don't Care About Policy

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At the Republican National Convention in July, alt-right daddy Richard Spencer (pictured) noted to Rolling Stone that policy is secondary to the emotions that Trump evokes from the voters. "It's not so much about policy - it's more about the emotions that he evokes. And emotions are more important than facts. Trump sincerely and genuinely cares about Americans, and white Americans in particular." Which seems strange coming from a guy who touts his alpha maleness and lack of emotions to anyone who will listen. 

Spencer continued, "It's not just about 'deport illegals' or 'stop illegal immigration.' It's about the sense - the existential sense - of, are we a nation? He's brought an existential quality to politics."

They Openly Admit to Making Stuff Up to Build Personal Brands

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I use trolling tactics to build my brand,” says Mike Cernovich, who is pictured above. Very cool! Isn't it great that even in a grass roots political group there are still people who are desperately trying to make money off the few people that exist under them? Is Cernovich saying that the alt-right movement is a pyramid scheme where the guys who were "lucky" enough to get in on the ground floor have found a way to make money off all the suckers and normies that are just now finding out about this terrible group of people? How long before we see Cernovich with a 1 am show on Fox News?

They're Racist

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These alt-right fellows can say that they aren't racist all day long. They can refer to themselves as "American Nationalists," and pretend like that doesn't carry a specific connotation, but if they're going to hold a press conference sponsored by the National Policy Institute, a small non-profit "dedicated to the heritage, identity, and future of people of European descent in the United States," run by Richard Spencer, a 38-year-old man who wants to usher in a white "ethno-state," then they just need to come out and admit that they're a bunch of dumb ol' racists. Even if they don't want to admit, alt-righters like Donald Trump, Jr. (pictured) routinely share racist memes on social media before backpedaling after they're called on their hate speech.