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23 ‘Male Living Spaces’ With The Absolute Worst Energy We’ve Ever Seen

August 23, 2021 539 votes 60 voters 2.5k views23 items

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Anybody can be a bad interior decorator, but we'd argue that single men have a very specific approach to horrible home design. Frustrated by the idea that one's house, apartment, or bedroom should have aesthetic value, men appointing their own living spaces have a tendency to buy nothing for their home but the bare minimum, which usually means a TV, an Xbox, and a bare mattress lying on the floor.

If you think we're making a gross generalization here, consider the existence of r/malelivingspace, a subreddit where men from around the world share photos of their austere, minimalist, and often depressing domiciles. The very best (worst) examples from this subreddit are collected on Twitter by @redditspaces, and we've taken a few of our (least) favorite male living spaces tweeted by the account for your enjoyment below. Vote up the home design fails you think best encapsulate the "Male Living Spaces" spirit.  

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    Is That Couch Vaulted Over A Stairwell?

    Horrifying Living Space?
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    Curtain Aren't That Expensive, Man

    Horrifying Living Space?
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    Hammock + Stucco Ceiling = Perfect Male Living Space

    Horrifying Living Space?
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    The Loose Hammer Is A Nice Touch

    Horrifying Living Space?