People Who Posted Awful Things Just to Get a Few Likes

The Internet is a truly harsh mistress. And on social media, where likes, retweets, and faves are the main currency, sometimes it can feel like your posts are getting lost in the detritus of selfies and pictures of sandwiches. Some geniuses have figured out that the more horrible your post, the more eyes you can get on it. Whether it’s just because people like to be shocked, or because everyone loves a train wreck, awful things posted on social media tend to get a lot of attention. This list looks at some of the worst things posted on Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of social media all in the name of likes.

It’s hard to tell what makes bad social media posts. But when you see them, you know it. From a husband posting a selfie while his wife is in labor to a police officer telling his Facebook friends to run over protestors, awful comes in many flavors. Below you'll find some of the most heinous posts from around the web that were seemingly posted solely to gain attention. Prepare to get angry and sad.