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Children's Entertainers Who Are Also Perverts

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In a perfect world, child entertainers would be normal people who only had a desire to facilitate a good time. But unfortunately we live in a world where monsters lurk around every corner, and no one is safe. We’ve all heard about creepy children's show host Jimmy Savile and his pedophile sex ring in Britain, but he’s not the only boogeyman stalking the children of the world. There are so many kid's entertainers who are perverts that it makes you never want to send your kid to a birthday party, or even let them watch television again. This list goes to a very dark place, looking at children’s entertainers and kids TV hosts who turned out to be creepy, dangerous perverts.

A few of the guys on this list of pervert children entertainers are just sort of creepy, or they have weird sexual predilections that bleed into their work, but most of the stories here read like an episode of Law & Order: SVU. The entertainers cataloged here range from famous musicians to creeps in face paint that you’ve never heard of, but they’ve all got something twisted inside their brains that makes them unsuitable to be around children. The saddest part about these stories is that they just scratch the iceberg; there is seemingly no end to the horror stories to be found in the world of child entertainment. By the time you finish reading this list of perverted children’s entertainers you’ll never look at a balloon animal the same way again.

  • Guilty Of: Taking "improper liberties" with a 14 year old.

    Who Is This Guy?
    Peter Yarrow is the Peter in Peter, Paul and Mary, and the guy who wrote "Puff (The Magic Dragon)," a song beloved by children and 19 year olds who say "duuuuuuude" everywhere. He also wrote the children's book, It's Raining, It's Pouring.

    What's His Story?
    In 1970 Yarrow was convicted of taking "improper liberties" with a 14-year-old girl who went to his hotel room after a show seeking an autograph. Yarrow served three months in jail, but was pardoned by Jimmy Carter in 1981.

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  • Billy Wand

    Guilty Of: Possessing indecent images of children on his computer.

    Who's This Guy?
    Kevin Hart (not that one) is a balloon animal artist, or as he puts it, a "Balloonatic" from England, who goes by the moniker Billy Wand. His slogan is “Spreading smiles one ­balloon at a time,” which is creepy even without all the other stuff. 

    What's His Story? Hart had to sign up for the sex offender's registry in 2008, after police found indecent images of children on his computer. After that debacle he moved from Surrey to Weymouth, Dorset where he continues to be a balloonatic to this day.

  • Ron Brown

    Video: YouTube

    Guilty Of: Having a library of child pornography, and admitting to want to cook and eat a child. 

    Who Is This Guy?
    Ron Brown was a puppeteer who was very active in his local church. Not only did he drive children to and from services in his van, but he also put on puppet shows for the congregation.

    What's His Story?
    In 2013, Brown was busted after an Internet chat he was having with another pedophile/cannibalism enthusiast popped up on the FBI's radar. After he was arrested, investigators found boys' underwear and a blowup doll dressed in children's clothes in his home.

    Brown received 20 years in federal prison and a lifetime of probation.

  • K.P. Bath

    Guilty Of: Possessing child pornography. 

    Who Is This Guy?
    K.P. Bath is the author of two well-received children's books, The Secret of Castle Cant and Escape from Castle Cant. 

    What's His Story?
    In 2010, pretty much out of nowhere, rising the children's book author was sentenced to six years in prison for possessing child pornography and trading some of the photos with out of state "collectors."

    His only statement about the case was that he felt government prosecutors exercised too much power.