28 People Who Flawlessly Executed Their Awful, Awful Ideas

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Awful taste, but great execution: these pictures show some seriously impressive craftmanship in the most trashy way possible. But all of them are pretty funny. 

  • 1. Scariest Hearse Ever

    Scariest Hearse Ever
    Photo: Reddit
    8,617 votes
  • 2. Mater Cart

    Mater Cart
    Photo: Reddit
    8,752 votes
  • 3. Duct Tape Car

    Duct Tape Car
    Photo: Reddit
    7,467 votes
  • 4. Upside Down Truck

    Upside Down Truck
    Photo: Reddit
    7,511 votes
  • 5. All Wood Finish

    All Wood Finish
    Photo: Reddit
    8,028 votes
  • 6. Lobster Motorcycle

    Lobster Motorcycle
    Photo: Reddit
    6,964 votes