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Horrifying Things That Game of Thrones Treated a Little Too Casually

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Game of Thrones is known for being a shocking, bloody, and scandalous television show. However, it gets a lot of pushback for also being weirdly indifferent about many of its own worst transgressions. Admittedly, the show takes place in a different time (sort of) and the showrunners can get away with a lot in the name of "historical accuracy." Game of Thrones is a fantasy series, but it takes place in a medieval Europe-esque world, and medieval Europe was a pretty harsh place.

On the other hand, there are a lot of reasons why the show might handle certain sensitive subjects sloppily. Overeagerness to shock is one reason, but every episode also includes tons of important plot points from the books being shoehorned into a very limited amount of time. It's natural that certain details would get lost in the shuffle, but that doesn't necessarily excuse the blasé attitude the series often takes with shocking incidents.

What are the worst instances of really horrible stuff getting downplayed on Game of Thrones?

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    The Dothraki's Tradition Of Assaulting Those They Conquer

    Assault is evidently an extremely time-honored tradition in Dothraki culture, given that one of the first major conflicts Dany has with her husband's tribesmen is over whether or not they should be allowed to go after people who are living in the villages they routinely burn and plunder. When Daenerys tells the Dothraki that the rules have changed, they behave like pouty children who've had their toys taken away. Eventually they get angry, and Khal Drogo has to fight one of them over it.

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    Tyrion Being Forced To Watch His Wife With Other Men

    Tyrion doesn't have the best relationship with his father, and after he meets Shae and they start getting to know each other, it becomes pretty apparent why not. Many years before, already ashamed of Tyrion's deformity, Tywin rubbed in his paternal rejection even deeper after Tyrion married a common woman, Tysha, whom he had met and fallen in love with.

    Supposedly, Tysha was actually hired by Jaime to take Tyrion's virginity, which made Tywin even more disgruntled about how the whole thing ultimately went down. To punish Tyrion for his rebelliousness, Tywin paid Tysha to service every member of the King's Guard while Tyrion watched.

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    House Bolton's Obsession With Flaying People Alive

    The Boltons are so excited about flaying people alive that their House sigil is a picture of a guy who's been flayed and their house motto is "Our blades are sharp." The Boltons are horrible in general, even by Game of Thrones standards, but this practice especially  encapsulates why they're so terrifying and gross, and yet all the other houses seem pretty chill about it and treat the Boltons like they're just regular folks.
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    Theon Screwing Up Roderick Cassel's Beheading

    It's bad enough to have your home seized by outsiders and then get beheaded for refusing to swear fealty to your new overlords, but Theon's ineptitude with a sword made Roderick Cassel's execution even more terrible than it had to be - his neck was basically hacked apart by three or four separate misplaced blows, then snapped in half with the help of Theon's boot heel.

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