true stories 16 People Reveal Their Most Cringeworthy Bikini Wax Horror Stories  

Lea Rose Emery
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Of all possible awkward occasions, awkward bikini wax moments probably induce the most cringing. Anyone who's endured a wax themselves knows how strange it can get. Waxes already bring about some awkwardness—you've got your genitals on show to a stranger in all their overgrown glory. But you add the possibility for every single bodily fluid under the sun to get involved and things can get pretty ugly. At the very least, it's minorly uncomfortable for everyone involved. At its worst, it's total carnage. 

These bikini wax horror stories come straight from Reddit, where bikini waxers themselves bare it all, no pun intended. If you ever wanted to ask your waxer in the middle of a session what their worst day at work was, but felt too embarrased to ask, Reddit has you covered. Poop, tampons, and just plain screaming bloody murder—bikini waxers have seen it all.

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When I was doing his (yes his) assh*le, he clenched and accidentally projectile-sprayed little bits of poo at me.

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Dingleberries For Days

I dated a girl who was an aesthetician. I'll never forget the story she told me of an overweight girl who came in to wax her bush. She told me the girl was so overweight she had to use one arm to hold up all the fat just to see her vagina while using her other hand to actually wax her. There were also a lot of dingle berries involved.

After hearing that I told her I was no longer interested in her work stories.

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A Rogue Tampon

A friend of mine was in beauty school in the middle of her practical exams, where she would wax whoever the clients were that day; once done they would mark her out of ten for stuff like quality of the job, etc.

She had a woman come in, told her to drop her pants, hop on the table, and get ready. She put the first strip on, smoothed down, and..



As she tore the strip off, it went flying from her hand and stuck to the wall, spider-leg hair poking out from the sides, and a tampon hanging from the bottom.

Both of their jaws dropped, and she left the room so the woman could sort herself out. She came back, finished off, certain of her failure.

Perfect 10/10 on everything.

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Just A Bit Of Paint Cleaner

My bikini waxer lady told me a horrific story from her worst waxing experience. At the very first salon where she was hired, somebody filled the calming aloe vera spray bottle with an industrial strength paint cleaner used to clean hair dye stains from the floor. They did not label the bottle and she then sprayed it on a customer that just got a fresh Brazilian wax. The customer started complaining and an ambulance was called. Ouch!

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