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Painfully Uncomfortable Celebrity Meet And Greet Photos

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Some fans would do anything and endure anything to be able to meet their celebrity idols. Certain die-hards shell out hundreds of dollars for the chance to just have a photo taken with their famous person of choice. And even those of us that are a little less celeb-crazed wouldn't mind having a selfie with Rihanna (seriously, she's Rihanna). Unfortunately, though, the results of these one-on-ones caught on camera don't always turn out how fans expect.

Indeed, a minor attack of nerves or hysteria can affect the best of us under pressure and make our faces and bodies do some strange things. But, judging by these awkward celebrity meet and greet photos, celebs can have just as hard a time as the rest of us acting normal.

Whether it's implementing strange rules about personal space or violating the concept entirely, these photos of famous folk meeting their starstruck fans make for hilariously uncomfortable viewing