15 People Describe The Most Awkward Stories From Their Family Reunion

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Let's face it. All reunions are awkward. Whether the idea of gathering with relatives is exciting or daunting, you aren't immune awkward family reunion stories. These people are sharing the most awkward memories so you can avoid becoming a story and learn what not to do at a family reunion.

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    Their Aunt Threw A Very Uncomfortable Family Christmas Party

    From Redditor u/alyssavee:

    Christmas Eve has always been a big deal on my mom's side of the family, and we've all celebrated it together since 1986, with everyone taking turns each year on who is going to have it at their house.

    My mom's eldest sister decided it was her turn to host this sh*t show (my mom has the most disorganized family on planet earth), and stick all of us, roughly 45 people, in her basement. My dad and I usually become wallflowers, watching what shenanigans happen, and a few did happen that night:

    My brother was forced to play Santa Clause by my aunt for her grandchildren. When he initially refused, she accused him of being the ruin of these children's Christmas, and she was not quiet about it.

    My cousin's wife (who is the size of a Cornish pixie) got profusely drunk and got into a very loud argument with my aunt because she wanted to hold a baby, while wasted, in five and a half inch heels.

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    Their Cousins Got Into A Brawl Over Spilled Soda

    From Redditor /DraperWhite:

    Two of my cousins (adult women in their 30's-40's) got into a brawl and it all started because some soda was spilled on the floor.

    My two cousins (let's call them Maria and June) each have kids. Maria has a son "john" who at that time was 2, maybe 3 years old. June has three kids that ranged from 7 to 13. One night our family got together and had dinner at my aunt's house. June's middle son Ray was pouring soda for Maria's son in a cup. John moved the cup, soda spilled on the floor and started laughing. Ray got upset and screamed at him. Maria didn't take too kindly to that, told him to STFU and to pour him the soda. Ray started complaining and whining which angered Maria. June got upset and started arguing with Maria. 2 minutes later June goes into the kitchen and Maria sits on the couch. It seems the drama had passed when all of a sudden this plastic container with beans goes flying across the room and it strikes Maria. It. Was. On. It moved from the dining room to the kitchen back to the dining room.

    After the mayhem, there was food everywhere, no one ate with the exception of one of my cousins who sat in a corner during the fight and gingerly enjoyed his meal.

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    Their 80-Year-Old Grandma Got So Drunk She Fell Over

    From Redditor u/HayricanSAMA:

    The funny thing was maybe one month ago: my family visited my grandparents and together we met my aunt, uncles and cousins. It was kind of a wine party, where the adults would choose a bottle of wine and some cheese with it. My grandpa wasn't allowed to drink back then because of his medicine. But my grandma brought a full bottle of 1873-whatever and had a little too much since he wouldn't drink. She told me later she felt sick and wants to go home. I wouldn't only call her dizzy, she was pretty drunk actually (a lady of 80 years). When my grandpa drove her back home, she even fell down in the grass of their garden and couldn't stand up. I felt terrible for being amused.

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    Their Mom And Aunt Argued About Surgery Over Christmas Dinner

    From Redditor u/Facewizard:

    My mom and aunt are both the same unusual kind of doctor. They once got into an argument about a specific kind of elective surgery. Nobody in the room understood what they were arguing about. We just sat there cramming our Christmas dinners into our mouths while they yelled about technical doctor sh*t.

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    Their Mom Got Drunk, Wore Someone Else's Shoes, And Broke Her Toe

    From Redditor u/doublegloved:

    My mom got very drunk, decided she HAD to try on my cousin's wife's heels and HAD to dance in them. Broke her toe. She had a wedding to go to two weeks later during which she made herself wear heels and dance all night because she had been so excited to do so prior to her broken toe.

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    Their Grandpa And Uncle Got Inappropriate At A Somber Event

    From Redditor u/chuck_37:

    My great-grandmother's funeral. Uncle and Grandpa sitting side-by-side at the wake. A woman walks past. My uncle has a look, nudges his nearly-deaf grandpa, leans in and whispers something to him. Grandpa turns looks at him and bellows "WHAT?! WHADDAYA SAY?? SHE'S GOT LOVELY BOOTS??". Obviously, my uncle didn't say "boots".

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