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18 Times The Harry Potter Promotional Images Were Extremely Awkward

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In addition to doing the obligatory press junkets and endless rounds on late-night talk shows, actors take tons of promo pictures while filming as part of the movie’s marketing plan. Since the Harry Potter franchise pumped out eight films, Warner Bros. made hundreds of delightful Harry Potter promotional images. These images are used for various purposes: actors use them for autograph signings, the studios for product tie-ins, magazines for their coverage of the film, and so on.

However, because Harry Potter takes place in a fantasy universe with wizards who wield wands and ride brooms, some of their promo pictures border on the silly. In a world where the lead villain lacks a nose, things were bound to get a little uncomfortable. These awkward Harry Potter cast photos also show a timeline of how the series grew up from its humble beginning to worldwide blockbuster. Behind all the smoke and mirrors and CGI, there are only actors, wondering how long they have to hold this ridiculous pose for.

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    I Have To Do This For Seven More Films?

    Photo: Warner Bros.
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    We Have Chemistry

    Photo: Warner Bros.
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    This Is Worse Than The Broom

    Photo: Warner Bros.
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    Swish-And-Flick My A**

    Photo: Warner Bros.
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