The Most Painfully Awkward Moments From The 2018 Oscars

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The 2018 Academy Awards have come and gone but the awkward moments will last on social media forever. Admittedly, the 90th annual Oscars were kind of a snooze compared to the previous year’s show: it's kind of hard to top screwing up the presentation of major awards, after all, everyone was pretty nice, and there weren't too many upsets in the win predictions. But that doesn’t mean that there weren’t any weird Oscar moments in 2018. Arguably among the worst things that happened at the Oscars was a costume designer winning a jet ski. The whole thing feels kind of like the end of glamour in the one place that’s supposed to be glamorous.

The show had all the trademarks of a Jimmy Kimmel hosting gig: weird references to Matt Damon, the requisite nod to legal pot, and embarrassing regular people just for not being famous. Oh, and there were a few sexual harassers (and lots of white men) roaming the red carpet — all in all, the typical awkward night in Hollywood.

The 2018 Oscars had some very awkward moments, maybe next year things will pick up and it’ll be fun again. Probably not, but until then read on and check out the worst moments at the Oscars

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    The Music Playing Off A 'Shape Of Water' Producer

    The Music Playing Off A 'Shape Of Water' Producer
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    At the end of the night The Shape of Water had won the award for best film, Guillermo del Toro had made a couple of moving speeches about the magic of filmmaking, and it was time to finish the guacamole. But then the lead producer stepped up to the mic and had his words drowned out by the dastardly Academy Award band. 

    Jimmy Kimmel stopped the music and asked the producer what he wanted to say. The producer pressed the microphone to his lips and told everyone that he thought del Toro was a good director. Cool. Thank you for extending the show an extra 30 seconds — but that's the guy who really deserves the jet ski.

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    Jimmy Kimmel Asking Steven Spielberg For Pot

    Jimmy Kimmel Asking Steven Spielberg For Pot
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    Jimmy Kimmel should know that not every improv scene is going to work. He lives in LA for goodness' sake, a town built on bad improv. When Kimmel went into the audience to joke around with Lin Manuel Miranda and Steven Spielberg, he dropped a couple of duds on the home audience, but the biggest bomb fell when he asked Spielberg for pot. 

    Spielberg initially answered by saying, "What?" When Kimmel asked again, Spielberg sort of played along and then just introduced the host to his wife. There's a reason he's a director and not an actor.

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    Lakeith Stanfield Running Out On Stage

    Lakeith Stanfield Running Out On Stage
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    In Jimmy's opening monologue, he said that no one would be played off stage if their speeches went long, instead they'd have to deal with Lakeith Stanfield running out on stage and screaming "Get out!" And then Stanfield ran out on stage in his outfit from Get Out and did exactly that. The comedic timing was non existent, which made the whole thing very uncomfortable to watch. According to Stanfield, it was just as weird on his end: 


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    'The Last Jedi' Cast Talking About 'Robot Discrimination'

    'The Last Jedi' Cast Talking About 'Robot Discrimination'
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    WOOF this was rough. Though the 2018 Oscars were arguably a bigger year for women and one movie of color, there's still a long way to go before it feels more intersectional and inclusionary. Yet as always, it seems like the Academy wants to skip straight over equal opportunity for humans and get right to robot rights. The audience at the Dolby Theater wasn't even remotely in the mood to hear the cast of Star Wars: The Last Jedi banter about rehearsing with BB-8 (a robot you guys!) and when Mark Hamill brought "robot discrimination" it felt like a monumental misreading of the room. To cover for his bomb, Hamill made a La La Land joke and the world sighed. 

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    The Annual 'Didn't Make The Annual In Memoriam Cut' List

    The Annual 'Didn't Make The Annual In Memoriam Cut' List
    Photo: Dave_B_ / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    Every year, the Academy plays tribute to the on-screen and behind-the-screen stars of the movie industry, but every year they take flak for neglecting to include at least a few. While some years snub harder than others and 2018 may not have been the most egregious offender, there were still a few embarrassing leave-outs that were worthy of recognition. Some of the names left behind included original Batman star Adam West, Della Reese, and actress Dorothy Malone, who actually was an Oscar winner. Singer Glen Campbell had a song nominated for an Oscar as recently as 2015, yet he didn't appear on the In Memoriam screen, either. 

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    This Strange Jennifer Garner Moment

    What's happening here? Probably the launch of a thousand memes.


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