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11 Facts Most People Don't Know About Aye-Ayes, The Creepiest Of All Primates

Updated 1 Jun 2020 91.1k views11 items

In the darkest reaches of Madagascar, one of the weirdest creatures on Earth has managed to strike fear into the hearts of the locals. It is not a predator and poses little risk to humans, but its alien appearance has given it an otherworldly reputation. That creature is the aye-aye, a primitive primate that sports an amalgamation of some of the most bizarre features in the animal kingdom. It has rat-like teeth, the ears of a bat, and slender fingers that would look at home in a David Lynch film.

But what are aye-ayes, and why are the natives afraid of them? These lonesome, nocturnal creatures are bizarre mammals that have been enveloped in superstition for generations. But the more you understand these creatures, the less terrifying they become. You'll come to appreciate the weird-looking aye-aye as one of the most unique animals in the world. These aye-aye facts can help illuminate some of the mysteries surrounding these misunderstood beings. 

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