Facts That Prove Ayn Rand's Toxic And Secretive Sex Life Was Anything But Objective

Ayn Rand made her mark in history as a philosopher and novelist, promoting her ideas of Objectivism everywhere from college campuses to the inner workings of her vibrant, influential social circles. The private life of Ayn Rand shows the writer and screenplay producer indulged herself romantically and sexually in ego-feeding and toxic ways. Merely living and loving for herself alone, she kept her flings secret - making it easy for her to sweep her toxicity under the rug.

Rumors about Ayn Rand's sex life circulate more than just stories of her seduction and public freak-outs. Under her moral values of "reasonability," she completely rejected any notions of altruism and excused her outrageous behavior. Crazy stories about Ayn Rand's relationships expose that she had no problems verbally and physically abusing her partners, blatantly harming others via her adulterous relationships, and publicly condemning promiscuity and homosexuality - just as she promoted in her fictional and philosophical works.

  • She Seduced Men Half Her Age

    She Seduced Men Half Her Age
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    Ever since he was a teenager, young Nathaniel Branden was obsessed with the idea of Ayn Rand. Wanting to connect with her, he began writing her fan letters to catch her attention. She snubbed him at first, but when she finally responded, it was pure fireworks.

    Branden, then a young college student, assumed the two were soul mates. When they started their affair, Branden was 25 years younger than Rand, and the two of them were both married to other people. It didn't matter to them, though, and they continued their fling - Rand was 49, and Branden 25.

  • She Publicly Freaked Out After Bad Breakups

    Rand was no stranger to public sabotage, attempting to throw her younger lover Branden into public disarray when she found out he had another partner.

    Branden began seeing a younger model, 15 years younger than himself, who attended his lectures at the Nathaniel Branden Institute. When Rand got wind of his escapades, she became furious. She immediately and publicly put a halt on their collaborations and published a newspaper article accusing their family of taking financial advantage of her. The accusations blew over, after Branden denounced them publicly, and he later married his young protégé.

  • She Considered Her Adultery And Homewrecking To Be "Rational Selfishness"

    She Considered Her Adultery And Homewrecking To Be "Rational Selfishness"
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    In no way did Rand consider her extra-marital romantic life to be out of bounds. She seemed to have no qualms about seeing other men while being a married woman, or being involved with a married man, as Branden was also married for much of the time they were together. Seeing their actions as "rational selfishness" - they didn't consider their adultery or homewrecking to be a problem at all.

    In fact, their spouses knew about the relationships, but didn't really talk about any of it outside of their close circle of friends. Their external relationships boosted their profiles while allowing them to exercise their sexual philosophies.

  • She Insisted Women Be Super Submissive

    Although a bold and prominent figure, Rand's philosophies promoted ideas that were incredibly submissive. To her, women were merely "hero worshippers" - their only purpose being to submit themselves completely to men.

    In fact, she believed that a woman's submission to man was the very essence of femininity. Feeling as if women's feminism relies solely on men, she was adamant this was the only natural role for a woman to lead. She insisted women crave to commit their body and soul to dominant men.

  • She Started Her Marriage With Sociopathic Tendencies - And It Only Got Worse

    She Started Her Marriage With Sociopathic Tendencies - And It Only Got Worse
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    Only attracted by his looks in the first place, Rand got her husband to notice her by tripping him. To make enough money to support the two of them, Frank O'Connor completely quit his career as an actor and screenwriter and became the opposite - a rancher.

    Meanwhile, Rand happily continued with her writing career - with no apparent remorse for her dear old husband. She fulfilled her aspirations with no regard for his sacrifice. Instead, she had several  extramarital flings - even going as far as to invite them over for some time in the bedroom. The fact that they'd shake his hand as they left probably didn't help the situation much.

  • She Was A Sexual Mindreader

    Rand was confident that she could tell everything about a person - specifically a man - just by their turn-ons. She believed that what a man finds attractive depends on his personal values and self-esteem. Attaching deep meaning to a man's sex and love life, Rand was sure that their lovers would expose their desires on a fundamental level.

    Claiming that a man's lover is a reflection his deepest desires and true vision of himself, his type of woman would uncover his "entire philosophy of life." A man desires only what he finds worthy of desire, and what he desires on a higher, subconscious level, radiates through his choice in sexual partners.