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Planet Ayurveda is a platform for ayurvedic medicinies. Dr. Vikram Chauhan ( MD Ayurveda )is the founder and CEO of the Planet Ayurveda. Planet ayurveda is the manufacturer of herbal products. We have a wide range of herbal remedy e.g. diabetes care pack, revive kidneys pack, thinner you pack etc. All the products are made from pure herbs . Read more here :
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Ayurveda Manufacturers from India

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Planet Ayurveda is leading Ayurvedic company in india We have certificates of authenticity and all medicines are prepared with standardized formulas. We are a GMP certified, US – FDA registered and ISO 9001-2008 certified ayurvedic company. We invite Ayurvedic Doctors around the globe & other ayurvedic outlets around to join us so we can gave people around the world a ,Fit & healthy life through ayurveda herbs & Medicines
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Ayurvedic Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis

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Ulcerative Colitis is a metabolic disorder, which is a type of the inflammatory bowel disorder. Ulceration in the inner lining of the large intestine is the characteristic feature of this metabolic ailment. 

 Planet Ayurveda provides solution to a large number of physiological complications. These products are extremely safe to consume and absolutely natural and purely vegetarian. These herbal products do not have any side effect. The Ayurvedic treatment for Ulcerative Colitis provides the Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack

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Ayurvedic Medicine for Allergy

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Healthy Tips for Allergy
 1. Pouring the saline sprays in the nostrils to clear off the nasal passage completely.2. HEPA filter and dehumidifiers must be used to filter the dust and dirt and get rid of moisture and pollution. 3. Inhalation of steam is yet another recommended healthy tip to get rid of allergies.4. The essential tip to prevent allergies is to avoid the allergens as much as possible.

Curcumin Capsules
 This herb has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antiamyloid, antitumor and anti allergic characteristics. It helps in inhibiting the histaminic release from mast cells. This provides cure from allergies and asthmatic attacks.

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Asthma

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Respiratory tract problems are affecting people these days as our environment has effected badly by pollution much and Asthma is a common disease that has one reason these external factors also. Keeping in consideration, Planet Ayurveda has formulated Asthma Care Pack with herbal remedies to take care of sufferer naturally.

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