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What B Horror Movie Creature Would You Be, According To Your Zodiac?

You don’t have to be a daily reader of your horoscope to be interested in what your star sign says about you. Your astrological chart can tell you about all the ways you creep people out, and it can even tell you which horror movie villain with whom you have the most in common. Movie horoscopes are a fun and easy way to get into checking out your star chart, but figuring out your B horror movie astrology is truly the most beneficial way to read your horoscope.

When you look at B horror movie creatures by zodiac sign, you’ll see how some of your less-than-charming qualities come off to others. For example, what else could a Capricorn be other than one of the Kill-Bots from Chopping Mall? If that comparison sounds like it was written in the stars, maybe it’s because it was. Continue reading to discover all the B horror movie creatures for each zodiac sign.