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11 Baby Animals That Have To Go Through Brutal Gauntlets To Survive

Baby animals may be incredibly cute, but no matter how cuddly, squishy, and adorable they are, one thing's for sure - they've got to be fierce. The rough lives of baby animals seem to involve a constant fight against the odds - and in some cases, 80% of their siblings will kick the bucket. Young animals like polar bears, Komodo dragons, and hippos literally have to fight to survive, whether that means trying to avoid being eaten by their own moms, starving in treacherous terrain, or suffocating before they've had a chance to take their first breath.

And it's not just baby animals who have it rough - sometimes their struggling mothers have to make the difficult choice to either kill their young or face starvation. If you're a shark mom, your own babies end up eating part of you, but at least you know you've raised some tough cookies.

Giraffes, sea turtles, hyenas, and other adorable animals with tough lives are constantly battling the world around them. Here are the incredible lengths just a few of these creatures go to simply in order to exist.