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"Baby Cages" Might Be The Single Worst Invention Of All Time

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Everyone knows the importance of fresh air and sunshine, but in the early 1900s, new mothers took this suggestion a bit too far. In 1922, a woman named Emma Read from Spokane, Washington, patented a unique design for a large – apparently secure – wire crate that could be attached to the outside of apartment windows, providing city-dwelling infants an opportunity to catch some rays. And they looked just as precarious as they sound. 

The idea was that parents living in city-based apartments didn't have the same access to backyards and parks as country dwellers; thus, they needed a plan B. So, as cities became more dense and apartments increasingly smaller, so-called "baby cages" only got more popular.

  • Mothers Would Literally Hang Their Napping Babies Out Of Windows

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  • Even Eleanor Roosevelt Used A Baby Cage – Until A Neighbor Threatened Report Her To The Authorities

    Photo: Franklin D. Roosevelt Library / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    As early as 1906, Eleanor Roosevelt reportedly purchased a chicken-wire cage with the intent of "airing" her new-born daughter, Anna, out of a north-facing window in their New York City apartment while the baby napped. Roosevelt had heard that fresh air was good for babies, and with baby cages being the up-and-coming childcare product of the decade, she thought she'd give one a shot. However, her neighbors quickly took notice of her strange childcare methods and threatened to report her to child safety services if she didn't stop.

  • The Eventual Decline In The Popularity Of Baby Cages Can Likely Be Attributed To Safety Concerns

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