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How Darkseid Was Defeated By His Daughter, Turned Into A Baby, And Came Back Stronger Than Ever

If you didn't grow up reading DC comic books or watching animated series like Super Friends or Justice League Unlimited, you could be forgiven for not knowing too much about the "big bad" of the DC Universe, Darkseid, the tyrant god of the hellish planet of Apokolips.

While the stone-faced behemoth with a grizzled chin bears more than a passing resemblance to Marvel's Thanos, he gets far less exposure in wider media. Like Thanos, Darkseid (pronounced "dark side") worships death, wields the power of a god, and has caused the demise of more than a few superheroes over the years - but Jack Kirby's creation predates Jim Starlin's finger-snapper by more than two years.

Despite his long history and rich backstory, Darkseid has yet to step into the spotlight. He was cut from the Justice League movie and plans for appearances in related movies and sequels were scrapped, but his time will soon come. With an exciting new comic book story trajectory, a costume makeover, and a planned appearance in Ava DuVernay's live-action New Gods movie, it's never been more important to get up to speed on DC's dark god of destruction. Even regular comic book readers might be surprised by some of the recent story developments affecting Darkseid, the New Gods, and the Fourth World since the New 52 launched in September 2011 - including the arrival of Darkseid's daughter Grail, his time as a cute widdle baby Darkseid, and the fresh slaying of a wildly popular superhero at his fearsome hand.