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Baby Hippos Use Crocodiles As Chew Toys - And Crocs Don't Seem To Mind

The animal kingdom can be a confusing place. Take, for instance, a viral video from National Geographic showing the unlikely friendship between a baby hippo and a crocodile. Believe it or not, hippos are actually very aggressive. And animals that share their habitats with these creatures know it. So it makes sense that a vicious predator like a crocodile wouldn't want to mess around with a hippo - even if the hippo's a baby.

Baby hippos actually use crocodiles as chew toys. No, really! These babies - accompanied closely by their moms - walk right up to sunbathing crocs and chew on their hard spines. This doesn't cause any serious harm to crocodiles, though it's probably super annoying. Chew away, you precious baby hippos.