kids entertainment This Baby Motocross Driver Pulls Off Amazing, Dangerous Stunts  

Rebecca High

In this video, meet Tima Kuleshov, a four-year-old kid from Russia. But more than a decade before he'll be able to drive a car on the street, he's made a name for himself with his astounding tricks and skills as a motocross biker.

Tima learned how to ride a bike when he was two (were you even walking, then?) and six months later, he was riding his first motorcycle (a mini one, of course).

Now, the four-year-old competes across Russia and the Ukraine in children's motocross events, maxing out over 45 mph in some events. It doesn't mean he's immune to injuries, though, and his parents are concerned that things will only get worse.

Watch this four-year-old phenom slay the game for motocross, and follow him on Instagram for more baby bike updates.